Polynesian Cultural Center


**gasp** A contraband photo!

Can’t say I remember much about my visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center 13 years ago, except that I really enjoyed it. I did encourage Celestina to take her kiddos there, since they are a quarter Samoan.

Cels Pineapple

Someone likes her pineapple smoothie!

They did the daytime portion and Cel graciously treated me to the luau and Ha Breath of Life show; maybe she knew I would end up rockin’ a hula on the stage during dinner with Quentin?


That’s us on the far left, above the red fan.

The nighttime show is a must see while on the island. I was in awe of their ability to sing and dance for 90 minutes, as well as the endless costume changes. Obviously, it’s been a long time since I’ve attended a live performance of this magnitude.

Kiana Pineapple2

Like mother, like daughter

The show ends with a fire dance by one of PCC’s star performers, Kap. Kiana, although accusing her mother several times, was starstruck. Kap and I forced her into this photo following the show.

With Kap

The infamous Kap with the Olivers.

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  1. I can’t believe you got up on stage!!! Wait. Yes I can. I love the pictures. Your fam looks like they had a blast.

    • Oh yes, you know me! I had to talk Quentin into it. I think they had a good visit. Hard to beat Hawaii in February!

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