Birthday Musings

My mom did a wonderful job of birthdays growing up. They were home grown and long before Pinterest, and they were perfect. A very memorable one involved a piñata. A must for every child at some point!


Birthday with the cousins.

In middle school I lived for slumber parties. These ended abruptly on my 12th birthday, when we froze a girl’s unmentionables and looking back, probably scarred her something fierce.

Ice cream cones

Ice cream cone cupcakes, circa early 80s. Also the year our suitcase flew off the roof of the car on vacation and we didn’t know until we arrived at our destination, eight hours later…Happy Birthday to me!

I never thought it possible, but my mom successfully pulled off a surprise party for my sweet sixteen. See she was awesome at birthdays! Complete with balloons and streamers hanging from the dining room ceiling fan.


Even then, I really liked cupcakes.

For my 21st birthday, my dad joined in and gave me a trip for two to Oahu. A great adventure that influenced so much of my adult life. I only wish Rico was still alive, on this return trip.

Smurfy bday

This was one of the years I was really into the Smurfs.

The year of my 30th birthday, in the shadow of my first teary PCS, Vance and I took a trip to Italy. Much of my adult life has been me dreading my birthday. This trip, the fact that I told people I was 28 for five years (had no idea I did that, until Vance had an intervention with me) and the arrival of my boys have helped me to embrace the occasion.


Bridge of sighs (not size)

As this is the last year of my thirties, (Where did the time go?!) I want to start planning my wish list for my forties. Tops on the list: A trip to Paris! Follow that with a chunnel ride to the UK and a bit of retail bliss at the actual Boden store. Time to start saving my pesos!


I found this travel Paper City Paris months ago. Not that my boys would like it. I however, loved paper dolls as a child; even gave away my barbies for them. Why? I have no idea.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Musings

  1. Thanks for the mention. I love all the picture. Wow , time really moves fast ,I guess that’s why God tells us to live for that day not looking ahead or behind but being in the moment. This is something I try to improve on.

  2. I had a surprise 16th birthday party too! It’s fun to see you when you were little. I love that we have a photo from your Europe trip with Vance hanging on our wall- we should have had Vance sign it before we framed it. When I was 33 I said I was 34 the whole year. When my birthday rolled around I was so mad at myself! I should have been like you and done it the other way around. And with a younger year. 🙂 Although….. I think it’s smarter to say you’re older than you are and let people comment on how great you look. Hehe

    • Unless they don’t say anything and just kind of nod, such as, “ya, that looks about right”. That’s sort of depressing. 🙂

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