Getting Cosy

Mollie Makes

Following another great tip from Christine, I started a subscription to Mollie Makes. It’s a UK based crafters magazine and they’ve started rolling in…

Mug Cosy

The mug all snug and warm.

Each magazine is packed full of crafting fun and includes a kit of one of the magazine featured crafts. This month the kit was a coffee mug cosy. So cute! May not be necessary or practical, but hey, I buy a lot in this department and this baby I can MAKE!

Pre cosy

My 20+ year old mug, pre-cosy.

Button closure

Super cute faux button closure.

And what do you need to go with a coffee mug in a cosy? A Foxy Coaster! (can you feel the excitement?)


If your birthday is near, you just might be getting a set of foxy coasters.