Man Time

I’m a little past due on this blog. We’ve been busy with sickness the past week. 

Silly boys

So this is what they do when they’re alone.

Our littlest munchkin, John, is one of the blessed, possessing both peanut and tree nut allergies. I realize it could be much worse and am thankful it is not. The peanut allergy has hit Brendon hardest. Lately, he’s been asking quite often when he will get to eat peanut butter again. He’s crafted several hypothetical scenarios where John is out of the picture and he can enjoy this tasty treat.



Always time for a little trail dancing.

Vance, being the thoughtful dad he is, provided just such an opportunity. He and Brendon hiked the Pill Boxes a few Saturdays back. It was their “Man Time”.  It was a great bonding experience for them, boosted Brendon’s hiking confidence and, last but certainly not least, they enjoyed some peanut butter cups on top of the pill box.

Happy boy

One HAPPY boy!

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  1. Love the pictures. Peanut butter cups at the top?! SO fun!!! Nice job, Dad.

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