We need options

Family photo

The boys have bugged me every time we’ve been to the zoo about doing the photo booth. This time I decided to go for it. Seriously?! I paid $5 for this?

This morning, for the training holiday, we had planned to try a new sitter. As my sister said, “We need options”. Sooo, we were all packed up ready to roll out, the boys were excited about the new sitter and 8am rolled around….crickets…no show…what is going on??!!! I did get in contact with the sitter to realize, I’ve had yet another Seinfeld moment: a.m./ p.m. confusion. Noooo!!!

lion pocket

Lacking pockets, Brendon improvised by using his waistband as a pocket for his lion and the zoo map.

We were all very disappointed. Brendon closed himself in his room and I heard him crying, “I hake (hate) everybody!! I just want the babysitter!” It was a real low in McNulty family history. I won’t tell you the other comments made by Señor McNulty.

Map reader

Finding our way to the meerkats.

There was no way I could convince them of our other possible event, a birthday party. This family needed something big to recover. THE ZOO!!!


We saw some animals we’ve never seen before and generally had a great time cruising the zoo with very little foot traffic. As we were leaving, Brendon announced, “This turned out to be a wonderful family day after all!” It was just what we needed.

McNulty meerkats

The McNulty meerkats.

And not only that, we found the start and finish of the half I’m running on Sunday! More on that coming soon…

Monkey bars

Although not showcased in this photo. Brendon was able to make it halfway across the bars, unassisted. He was so proud and even more excited that we saw him do it. John made it all the way across, assisted and kept his pants dry the entire morning; an even more challenging feat for a two year old.

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  1. What a great day after all, how cute of Brendan! Love the Sienfeld reference!

    • Who could hake the zoo? Maybe we should make a zoo day during your visit?

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