Thirteen years ago today, there was a wedding in Red Bluff, California. The bride didn’t sleep much the night before, so she was an emotional mess at the altar and reception. A mariachi band played for dinner, there was a huge upset with the cake and it was the last time the bride saw, talked and hugged her paternal Grandfather. The wedding was filmed by a friend of the Groom, who didn’t realize he wasn’t supposed to stay zoomed in on the groom the entire ceremony (there was a bride?). It was a memorable day.


June 30, 2001

They honeymooned on Maui.

During the past thirteen years, they became a Physical Therapist and Architect, moved into and out of 10 homes, lived in 9 different cities in 6 different states and doubled their family with the addition of two boys.


September 2013

Today they live on Oahu.

Happy Thirteenth Anniversary Hubby! I Love you!!

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