Shark’s Cove

We’ve heard some of the best snorkeling on the island is at Shark’s Cove on the North Shore. After contemplating going many times, we finally made it happen yesterday for our date morning!

Cove two

Swimming out to open water. There were several beginning scuba classes here as well. Something I wouldn’t mind checking into at this location in the future.

We arrived near 8:30am and the lot was already packed. Turns out there was one of the Hawaii Swim competitions at Waimea Bay around the corner. Not the best timing, but we managed to drive right into the last spot at the Cove.

Cove one

All the happy snorkelers.

After climbing down and some hearty encouragement from fellow snorkelers we dove in and swam around. There were many fish and sea urchins (yikes!) and as always the viewing into the ocean is quite amazing. Unfortunately, there was also some pretty intense waves. (“The sea was angry that day my friends…”)


They don’t look like much, but the pool directly above the green tree on the left is the aquarium pool.

It was a bit drizzly too, so after a bit of snorkeling and getting chilly, we swam back and decided to venture to what seemed to be shallow tide pools on the Southern end of the cove. Turned out to be our best decision of the morning. The pools were deeper than expected and the experience is best described as swimming in an aquarium. Schools upon schools of fish all around. The water was also much clearer; probably because we were the only ones in it. Now we know!

Underwear Boy

See this guy? We dubbed him “underwear boy” – a grown man proudly sporting what appeared to be white briefs. This is why you should never stress about what to wear to the beach.

Directly following snorkeling, you can guess what we did next. Shave Ice, of course! We had big plans to try the latest Boston’s Pizza in Wahiawa. Unfortunately, they didn’t open until 1130 and we arrived around 11. Oh well, we’ll save that for our next North Shore adventure. What type of pizza place opens at 1130 on the weekends anyway?

Shave Ice