Pre-School Day One

Today was the big day: my baby is off to Pre-School. Ahhhh. I’d love to say I cheered there and back, but I was a bit of a mess.

School supplies

40 pounds of school supplies. I had no idea this is what public school has become and it’s just pre-school! So thankful for my Deluxe Utility Tote and my Bob stroller today.

We knew we’d send John to pre-school this year. Mommy just plain needs a bit of a break after six years of staying at home with minis. Our plan was two mornings a week. Totally doable financially and emotionally for all parties involved.

Sign on lap

However, there’s this thing going on with John, that’s been a little under the radar. Most people don’t notice it because little toddlers don’t talk to adults all the much, but John’s speech is delayed. He can not produce hard consonant sounds. Despite much effort by John and encouragement from us. I’ve left it off the blog, thinking it was something that would just pass as many infant and toddler delays seem to do. It has not. John has been accepted into a Special Ed Pre-School program that is FIVE days a week, full days.

At school

The boys decided to sleep in today (of all days!!) and John was not in a good mood after being woken up. He insisted on wearing this onesie to school today. Ah well, we shall see how this goes. The school shirts did not arrive in time for the first day of school.

Oh the blessings. He will get the help he needs and I will get my much needed alone time. But the price is emotionally hard to bear. My little 3yr old is essentially starting Kindergarten the same year my 5yr old is actually starting Kindergarten.

The morning crew

When did I take this photo? I was out of it. Luckily I did see Inese this morning. She has no idea how much I needed that hug!

I’ve been annoyed with Shafter Elementary for having Kindergarten start a week later than everyone else, but again, another unforeseen blessing. Standing outside of John’s class waiting with all the other pre-k mommies was hard. One veteran mom, I love this lady already, even asked me if I was going to be okay. She could see, I was about to lose it in a big way. Lots of deep breaths and we got him settled in the room.

John at desk

After milling about, we found John’s seat. Despite lots of frowning, he sat down and waved good-bye. I ran for cover.

Thankfully, I had Brendon by my side and he’s a chatterbox like his mom. He kept me occupied enough to not break down on the premises and will be here for the first day with me, so I don’t retreat under the covers.

Sitting sign

12 thoughts on “Pre-School Day One

  1. I have so many comments! Here I go: What a load of school supplies! I don’t remember this from being a kid- AT ALL! I love the board you’re using for first day of school photos. It turned out great. I’m stealing this idea, by the way. Only I won’t be doing it as well as you. It’s likely I’ll just be lame and write on poster board or something. It was so weird to see John’s name on his nametag!!! I felt some of your anguish in that moment. I can’t believe you have to “say goodbye” to the preschool years (essentially) for both boys all in one week. At least that’s how it would feel to me. I know, I’m making you feel worse and not better. I’m doing a terrible job at empathizing. (And all this should be in an email and not a comment, but I’ve already gotten going so hold on another minute here…) John is going to flourish!!! George and I can’t wait to see him at the end of this year! It. Will. Be. Wonderful. You are a wonderful parent, making the difficult choices (Vance too) that are also the best ones for your kiddo. Great job getting through today! (Did you snatch that Kleenex box back out of the supplies before you got back in the car???)

    • I love this epic comment! So fits the situation in my mind. Yes, “back in my day” supplies were all courtesy of the state of California and my hard working parent’s tax dollars! Thank you for the empathy and atta-girls. I needed them today. John is so considerate, he tore open one of the kleenex boxes before it got to school, so yes, I did have a fresh box for my personal use.

  2. I was very bitter about putting Elijah in full-time care last year because of my internship and I don’t think I will really get over it. I mean, that time is gone. Now…we are struggling with the same thing you are. He needs speech services, and we are going through the process with the elementary school, but I really don’t want him in full-time care (although that might be exactly what he needs). Sometimes, it is really hard to be a mom. Can’t I just be selfish and keep him all to myself!?

    • I wish we could keep them, on their good days, all to ourselves! We’re still adjusting, since John has cried three of the four days this week, but I can already see an improvement in his speech. Not the articulation, but just making sentences for requests he used to give me two words or a grunt for. It is very obvious, he needs to be there without brother and mom. They will let you know if he would benefit from the pull out program, if that is an option there.

  3. I really really really struggled when A.J. went to kindergarten (and that’s putting it mildly. Even with three reallys in there) It’s HARD. He’s going to do great! It will be good for John-you’ll be amazed at the progress he will make. And then when they are home you’ll be able to enjoy being with them even more because you’ve had a break! And it will be ok. For real.

    • Thanks for the reassurance. It’s such a mental battle and I know they really need the break from home too. I’m trying to focus on how much I will get done on the break time! My whole house clean in a single day!!!! or the commissary mid-week, by myself. Oh to dream of such pleasures.

  4. Love that John wants to be Batman! Who wouldn’t! I had the same anxiety again this year at drop off, I hate thinking of my little baby off in the world without me. I asked so many questions when I picked her up from school she told me to stop asking because she wasn’t in the mood…

    I can’t believe both of your little guys are off to school now! Love the pictures and the insight to every moms fears and excitement.

    I usually try to give the school a little extra in the way of supplies…I know to well that teachers also front supplies from their own pocket.

    • I love his sense of adventure!! Ha! Oh man, the not in the mood sounds so much like Brendon. I expect the same from him after he starts next week. I’m glad you mentioned how teachers end up paying for supplies themselves. Makes it easier to give.

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