Cauliflower as bread

Cauliflower tortillas

Cauliflower tortillas. They tasted pretty good and I would definitely make these again. Recipe found here.

Vance and I have ventured into the ketogenic diet as a means to attain physical goals and better health (Finally answered the “Why is my skin constantly breaking out?” question). As I’m sure for many, physical goals play into our mental health and daily productivity. While, we’re not torturing our boys with this dietary challenge, maybe it will help to redefine healthy food practices for them eventually as well. They can’t live on cheez-its and goldfish crackers the rest of their lives after all. Oh wait, they do eat Nutella; that has to be divinely sanctioned.


I have had nightmares about the possibility of the commissary running out of food. Photo above, courtesy of Nicole, was the result of mass hysteria on the island with Hurricane Iselle headed our way.  No better time to back off the bread consumption.

I’ve never had a weight problem, nor been much of a snacker. I did gain TEN pounds in ONE week when I was on vacation once. That was terrible trying to put on jeans when I got home. I have been blessed with a small frame, which has always given me much latitude in the amount of food I can ingest.

Pizza trial one

Our first cauliflower crust pizza attempt. A LOT too cheesy for our tastes and very floppy. Courtesy of “Healthiest Pizza”.

It wasn’t until hubby and I started messing with our diet that I saw how much I had tied food to comfort and solace. Combine that with my children starting preschool and kindergarten. Whoa! I’ve never noticed myself running to food, but consume a package of Oreos or some tortillas (enchilada, arroz con leche…) and everything is right in the world. I was in a low place last week and all I could think about was food. It was very eye opening how mental eating really is. Between aggravation and some tears, I prayed a LOT and used that to soothe my soul. Not to mention my house was amazingly tidy and I finished up a few craft projects. I’m a doer and had to keep occupied.

pizza trial two

Second attempt. The taste is fantastic, but I’d like to figure out how to make the crust crispy on the bottom. Recipe found here. 

I finally unpackaged our Ninja and we set to work on our no bread revolution: Cauliflower Crust Pizza! If you know how much we like pizza, homemade pizza especially, your jaw is surely hanging open at this very moment. So far, we’ve made two different recipes of cauliflower crust pizza and cauliflower tortillas (everyone has their vice). As my sis and I discussed, there is not a non-bread substitute that tastes like bread, but we’re willing to modify our cravings in the name of healthy eating. And oh, let me tell you, it makes Carb Night that much more delicious.

rock people

Brendon’s rock people creation and photograph. Love the creativity of children.

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  1. Looks tasty! I want to try the cauliflower tortillas. I love you Toni.
    You’re always in my prayers

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