The Soccer Experiment

Soccer Photos

Now there’s a good lookin’ logo! *wink, wink*

I was bubbling with excitement when I signed Brendon up for soccer this year. He didn’t have any interest the last time we’d attempted it, lasting only two practices, but this time I was sure he was ready at the ripe old age of 5.

Team photo

Our team, the Butterfly Dragons,  great mythical creatures, could in fact be quite mighty, unfortunately they weren’t. They were more Butterfly than Dragon. We had a hubby and wife coaching team, Luke and Laura and they were wonderful and amazingly patient with the children. *If you are edging 40, you’ll likely remember the grand soap event of the Luke & Laura wedding. *

Last game

The final game of the season!! Brendon is wearing white cleats.

This past Saturday, our final game, against the Sharks, was indeed our best. Scoring goals, passing downfield, Brendon not waving at mom and dad and asking loudly to John if he wanted to run on the field. I even started to lose my voice, I got so excited.

Practice shot

My favorite photo from practice. He did seem to like practice more than the games; especially after a nutella sandwich. 😉

Turns out, Brendon may not be a soccer player. It took half the season for him to figure out what exactly he was supposed to be doing and all season for him to actually kick the ball during the game. I have my suspicions that he didn’t like the crowd around the ball, but he could’ve been busy daydreaming about Sonic. Who knows.

The cheering squad

Member of the Little Siblings Cheer Squad. They all wanted to play in the game.

And really, Vance and I, were unprepared for soccer. I hadn’t realized until practice started, I would be driving in rush hour traffic twice a week, all of 4 miles, taking on average 30 minutes. On top of that, Saturday!!, blessed beach day, Saturday, would be a soccer games. Noooo. It is with mixed emotions we say goodbye to soccer and also organized sports with games on Saturdays. We are not ready. We’ll try again when we’re not living in idilic Hawaii. Most likely not soccer.


Mere hours after we arrived home, I had to tape the trophy’s leg. Such is life with a 3yr old brother.

4 thoughts on “The Soccer Experiment

  1. Hehe. Love this post. I don’t know why, but I do. And the only other thing I have to say is…… (ready?)………that is one creepy trophy.

    • You can sympathize? It’s a bobble head and totally perfect for the skill level of this group. Ha!

  2. That is sure a good looking Butterfly Dragon. I’m sure Brendon would like the game when he is a little older. I really think it is an adjustment for his parents. I agree enjoy Hawaii while you can. Love the pictures.

    • I wonder that too, if he’ll like it more when he’s older. We’d try it if he wanted to do it and of course he’d need to commit to the whole season. It’ll be a couple years, at least.

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