School Valentines

Oh how I’ve waited for this day. School Valentines. I love them so. I’m referring to the paper ones that come in the cardboard box with the little envelopes. So nostalgic for me. If this wasn’t Brendon’s first Valentines Day in a public school setting, I’d likely get a box of those a bag of conversation hearts and call it good. But, we know me. Pinterest lovin’ me. This is what I found, fell in love with and created for my boys.

Finished ValsHonestly, I could use this very idea again next year since they’ll be in a different state with completely different kids. I just might. With a smaller white tube.

Brendons Valentines

My boy with a big heart; what was he working so diligently on before bed? Oh Valentines for his family. John also made one last week for his beloved Ms.G.

Brendons Val Finished

One thought on “School Valentines

  1. Those Valentines sure did turn out well. I love the suckers you chose too. And B writes his name just like S does- without properly gauging how much room she’ll need. Sometimes it looks like this:
    S c a r

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