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There are two tours, the regular and the premium. From what I can tell, they are the same tour. One is a bigger sub and potentially a bit more comfortable. Not sure. We did the regular to get the early time slot. I personally wouldn’t pay the cost of the premium.

As part of my decade changing birthday, I checked one of the few remaining items off my Oahu bucket list. The Atlantis Submarine Dive in Waikiki. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to make the time for it. The boys would have enjoyed it, well some of it. It was very peaceful under the water, but a little lengthy for the attention span of  a 3 & 6yr old. John just barely reaches the 36″ minimum height requirement.

We booked through the military ITT office and were able to get the tickets for 50% off the regular rate. Whoohoo. Taking advantage of our military deals while we can.

fish wreck

These fish were huge. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but they are big enough to chase off sharks, which makes them a happy sight to see around the sunken ships.


Green Sea Turtle. They can hold their breath for FIVE HOURS!


Japanese Seaweed Racks

If you are at all prone to anxiety in large crowds, I would caution you, there are a LOT of people around at all times. We took the first dive of the day and thankfully were in the last to board the sub, so we could spread out. They don’t announce it anymore, as the seasoned skipper, hanging off the side of the boat (didn’t get a good photo), told us because nobody listens anyway, but wait to board the sub to the very end. You’ll be near the driver, with extra space and can talk freely with the tour guide.

sunken plane

The items sunken at the bottom were bought by the dive company, cleaned to be eco friendly (for hundreds of thousands of dollars) in order to help recreate the natural habitat and fish population. Apparently Waikiki used to be rice patty farms and much of the sand was imported from Australia. Who knew?!

depth meter

Our guide was fun and cracked a few well placed jokes; some were pretty subtle and 90% of the sub passengers were not English speakers. Needless to say, he did appreciate my love of laughter.

seated for takeoff

Taken right after we were seated, before the descent.

McNulty 100ft

Photo taken in full color mode. Shows how much the color distorts underwater.

Only a 10th of a percent of people ever dive to 100 ft below the surface and who can say they did so on their 40th birthday? This girl!! Highly recommend doing the dive.

3 thoughts on “Submarine Dive

  1. Super neat! I love all the interesting tidbits you shared. Yes, those fish DO look big enough to scare off sharks, even in the photo! Would you believe that when you mentioned a sub dive, I immediately thought you guys went scuba diving next to a submerged sub. Not sure I should admit that, but that’s what I thought. Because that thought scared me, I wasn’t too excited for you. But this, this is so much better! Ha! Happy 40th to you. You look wonderful above the water and below. (That’s also code for before 40 and after. Hehe)

    • Thank you!! Diving next to a submerged sub – I wouldn’t be excited about that either! I think my scuba adventures are over, after the one experience.

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