All in

This week I’m ALL IN!

Meal plan is written, groceries purchased and myfitnesspal app downloaded. Oh yes, Sandra’s been singing its praises for some time now, but I haven’t really thought it was for me. Then, enter my sis, Cel, with her recent engagement to the app. Okay, I guess I can try it! Now, don’t think I don’t listen to Sandra. I do. Following our 12+mile run yesterday, I promptly visited my Amazon overlord and ordered a new case for my phone and some house shoes at her suggestion.

Really, she told me I needed house shoes. Not a suggestion as much a strong statement. She’s right. Socks aren’t cutting it and did I mention I’m 90% sure I broke the pinky toe on my other foot last week. It actually hurts worse than I remember the other one hurting; the one that was definitely broken. I digress (nod to John).


I only plan four meals. The other days are “mix and match” leftover/fend for yourself days.

Back to this app. On our recent trip to California, I had some notable changes happen. First let me say, don’t go from a vegetarian diet to eating meat for ten days overnight. You and everyone around you will pay. Never did the Veggie Life look so appealing as those nights of suffering. The other, positive change, was my skin. It didn’t break out like it does here in Hawaii. I’m sure the dry air has something to do with it, but also my diet. It has to be. After much research and thinking back to my stellar Keto skin, I’m testing a theory that I need more fat in my diet and possibly my vitamin levels are off. Spelt tortillas really shouldn’t be the bulk of my diet I’m sure.

B stress

I told Vance he can’t have any of my new Stress Complex. He has enough of his own already, post work of course.

This app tracks vitamins, macronutrients like fat (“There’s fat in it! It’s gonna be in Meee.”) and, and, are you ready for this?! You can type in recipes you make and it calculates those for you. Ah! Just what I needed. Dare I say, I’m getting a little obsessed. But maybe, just maybe, my obsession will yield great skin. That would be the best outcome possible. We shall see!

**Tomorrow is also the kick off for Stroller Warriors Pearl Harbor®’s Bridge to 10K group. If you’ve ever wanted to tackle a 10K and you live on island, I encourage you to meet us at 9am for Week 1, Day 1.**


Because sometimes you Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese.


3 thoughts on “All in

  1. I sure love that little cheese eater.
    I’m taking a serious look at the Keto diet. The way I handle stress is with food, this is not working for me. 🙁

    • Mom, I think Keto would be a good option for you. Also, just maybe trying the fitness pal app, which would let you track your calories would be enough to help with portion control.

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