Stone Soup

Recipe Recap for this week.

Monday: Our fridge was BARE. The cupboards weren’t exactly bare, but there were disparate boxes and bits and cans that didn’t really go together. I hadn’t planned on a  commissary run, so I did the next best thing. Threw something together with ingredients on hand. Low and behold a Three Course Meal appeared. Vegetable Soup (all remaining veggies, chopped and cooked in stock) with barley tossed in for texture, Homemade Bread and Quinoa Burgers**. The burgers were VERY tasty, even with leaving out the cilantro; the only missing ingredient.

This experiment recalled a childhood story Stone Soup. Vance remembered it as I had done: everything tossed together and cooked. However, I remembered it as more a deceitful tale of food gathering. Turns out we were both somewhat right. A story about generosity.


Chickpea Butternut Stew (left). Quinoa Burgers (right).

Tuesday: Chickpea Butternut Stew**. My family does not do soft and squishy Butternut chunks, so I ended up puree’ing the whole thing into a thick and hearty soup. Highly recommend this one. Leftover homemade bread on the side. Oh so yummy. The boys may not agree, but they ate it.



Mango Chia Breakfast Cereal. What in the heck is Chia? Is this what makes chia pets? I still really have no idea, but this cereal is filling and sweet. After trying it one morning, we’ve decided to use it as a dessert. It’s sort of like mousse or whipped yogurt. I made it with blueberries because that’s what I had. Also, if you don’t read the directions and grind up the chia seeds, it still works; just not as fluffy.

Wednesday: Acorn Squash Pilaf **. I was excited, then skeptical, then pleased. It came out a little watery, but still full of flavor. It’s a team player type of food. It needs company: toss it in a tortilla with some greens. There you have it.  I also made some Standard Hummus, although this recipe is good, a little too lemony for my taste, I’ll stick to my White Bean Hummus instead. Not a fan of the chickpea version unfortunately.


Thursday: Mix and Match. You know how we roll here on a Thursday! I ran with my Stroller Warriors® group and passed out for an hour after I got home. I forgot how draining that hill with no shade is. The view however is fantastic and our Bridge 2-10k ladies are doing amazing!


In case you missed it from earlier this week.

When asked how Hubby is enjoying his Veggie life: “I LOVE it!!!” Now that is something from a reformed carnivore.



Raw Almond Butter Cups. Once again made these. Last week I used all oats in the base, which really tasted like an oatmeal cookie topped with chocolate. This week, I did half oats and half macadamia nuts for the base. Oooo, the deliciousness!!! Perfection. Almost too good. I couldn’t stop at just one.


Friday: PIZZA!!! Who doesn’t love Pizza on Friday Night? With our homemade pizza we had a Crazy Cake. Also know as Depression Cakes, as they originated in the great depression era when eggs, milk and butter were hard to come by. A vegan alternative to cake. Whips up in a flash, with no mixer required. We tried it with the super simple One Minute Chocolate Frosting, listed further down in the link. Oh my goodness. Vance has requested one of these for his birthday. Seriously the most moist cake I have made in a very long time. A must try.

crazy cake

Two weeks consistently on the Myfitnesspal app and I couldn’t be happier. Not only have I been able to maintain consistently eating 2,000+ calories a day, monitor my increased fat intake (20-30%), realize I receive all my protein from non meat sources (10-15%), but I have trimmed and tightened my “bouncy parts”. I have been back on my workout routine too. That has helped immeasurably.

**As you might have noticed many of my recipes come from Once again enlightened by my connected at the keyboard sister, Christie, but still skeptical, I decided to make her “freebie” recipes before I took the plunge to buying the cookbook. The other cookbook I’ve been referencing, the Vegan Cookbook for Beginners, I purchased because it had Kindle Matchbook. Have you seen this? You can get the Kindle copy for free if you buy the hard copy book. Gold, I tell ya! I get instant gratification on my Kindle and then a real hard copy cookbook in the mail a week later. I hope more publishers go to this format!

Now that I have a handful of good working veggie recipes, I’m going to take a week or so to refine those recipes and take a break from testing new ones.

4 thoughts on “Stone Soup

  1. Thanks so much for including my mango chia pudding! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😉 Chia puddings mixed with any fruit we have on hand have become a staple in our house!

    • I can see why. So easy and tasty. My littlest loved it too. I see many more Chia Puddings in our future as well.

  2. Oh my. This post has me hungry!!! I love your photos, by the way. I can barely tell which ones are professional and which ones are yours, but because I know you, I’ve picked out yours. I love these food shots! You did such a great job putting together an amazing meal from stuff you had lying around. I need to try this sometime! I usually let myself go to the store for at least a few things. It adds up! And there’s food needing to be eaten. I think I might look into making that pilaf- looks delicious. And I too have discovered the chia seeds. Did you know how healthy they are?! Insanely so. I also am going to make the Raw Almond Butter Cups. Umm, they look scrumptious and they’re from Oh She Glows. I KNOW they’ll be good. And please make me some chocolate cake next time we’re together. Please, please, please.

    • It’s become a secret thrill of mine to not go to the store on Monday and just dig up groceries from the depths of the cupboards. Of course on the chocolate cake!

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