Hunting Textiles

I’ve been on island for a bit over two years now and am often surprised by the lack of certain goods. One in particular is apparel fabric. There is a fabric megastore here, FabricMart, mostly specializing in Aloha fabric, but they do carry a handful of other fabrics and notions. Trust me, I have spent a good deal of time and money in Fabric Mart. They actually recognize me. Partially I’m sure because I’m not of Asian descent and yet my middle name, “Cardenas” has really caught their eye.

I also ship in fabric from They have a wonderful selection and they give an extra inch per yard just to be safe. You can also return uncut pieces and notions if they don’t live up to your expectations; shipping isn’t outrageous, but it isn’t cheap either.

Hidden Yardage

In my latest hunt for fabric, (Sylvie was released on Tuesday!!), I stumbled on a small fabric store, Hidden Yardage, tucked just off the Pali Highway,  specializing in apparel and cotton fabrics. It is SMALL. Like, smaller than my living room small, but they have some fantastic offerings. I spent an hour in that little space and had to remind myself I am moving in two months, to limit my sudden urge to over purchase.


The store hours are limited, so if you intend to go, check their website ahead of time, where you’ll learn they actually have 9-5 jobs and run this business as a hobby. What a wonderful way to follow your dreams within a safety net. They have a small selection of notions and offer a few well priced sewing classes in the back room. The ladies sewing in there this morning were genuine entertainment. The fabric that I looked at ranged from $8 – 15/yard, pretty standard for good quality cotton. And, they do NOT carry Aloha fabric.

I know there are two other small fabric stores on island and I’ve never ventured into them, so they could be just as fabulous, but this one caught my eye and was super easy¬†for driving and parking. On that note, read their instructions of how to enter the parking garage (validated with purchase!); it saved me from driving around the block, as per my garmin.

Sylvie supplies

Now just waiting for my Sylvie pattern. Why oh why didn’t I purchase the digital version?!