Let’s Weehooooo!!!

Soon after moving in, we purchased bikes. Easy. Now how to include our minis on a long ride? We did consider a classic cage trailer, but Brendon is well past passive pulling. Next option the tag-a-long tow behind bike, where the child can pedal their own bike, while safely attached to the parent bike. A great option for Brendon, but not for John. He’s likely to decide he doesn’t want to ride anymore and attempt a dismount while moving. A true daredevil that one. We needed something with the security of a trailer, but the flexibility of a tow behind. Enter the Weehoo!


Our first long ride with the Weehoos at Sunset Hills. The chain fell off at the last mile of this ride. (Notice the fender is still attached – it fell off as we got to the car)

The bike manager at Sports Ltd. off handedly mentioned the weehoo when we went to look at bikes, but it didn’t sound as if they sold too many. They allow the child to be attached to the parent bike, a seat with a back and chest harness, and also help pedaling. Let me say, right up front, they are not CHEAP. We debated for a few weeks. They sell single and double versions; double would have been easier on me as we’d have attached that to Vance’s bike. Dare I dream of loafing it. But we figured getting singles gave more options as the boys grow. The upper age range for the weehoo is 9yrs old and I can imagine Brendon riding in it until that point. He loves it. They both do!


The good and the lemon.

Somehow, we managed to get one first class and one lemon weehoo. After talking with Geoff at the Colorado headquarters (a few times) it was determined they had recently went through some personal issues happening and a few parts, namely flags and INSTRUCTIONS were not put into the packages. Now I realize, this does not make a lemon, but after two rides and much noise the chain broke in one of the weehoos and the mud guard broke off. To their credit, Weehoo provided excellent customer service: shipping out the missing parts and a replacement chain super quick, along with adding in canopies for each weehoo for our troubles, which happened to be the one thing we were thinking of purchasing in the future.


Plenty of storage on the trailer too! Two pockets for the kiddos at the seat and then two large zip pockets at the back wheel.

I’ve delayed writing this post with dreams of finally putting my GoPro in action, but alas, that did not happen and we took yet another 9 mile family ride this morning. We even attempted taking the bikes/weehoos off-road down a .7mile dirt trail to reach the Sacramento River Trail. Longest .7miles I have ridden to date! I almost cried in mental defeat (I was already in a bad mood, pre-ride, likely from one too many cupcakes the night before), but the payoff was grand. A fantastic ride on the river trail, followed by so many verbal fist-bumps on the way back up the trail to the subdivision really boosted my spirit.

Rotten Banana

Today’s ride. Notice missing fender and John’s rotten banana mood?

the bridge of sighs

The bridge from today’s ride.

As LeVar Burton so famously said on Reading Rainbow: “But you don’t have to take my word for it…” What do the boys think of the Weehoo?

Johns testimony

Click for video (John’s Testimonial)

Lessons learned: (1) American small companies rock! (2) Physical exercise can provide a positive lift to your mental outlook.