Takin’ it old school

Remember the days of roller skates? Not roller blades, the real deal skates with fat wheels, a stopper and most notably obtained from a wall of skates behind a carpeted counter. Oh the memories.

wall of skates Last night was Family Skate night, organized and likely partially funded by Neighborhood Church in Redding, as it was only $1/skate rental. This was a trip down memory lane for me. It is the very roller rink, I went to as a child. Brendon asked me why it wasn’t “all broken down” by now when I told him this on the way there. I don’t see the connection!!! Grrr.the walls

The place has not changed one bit. Still the same blue/green slightly patched rink, same art work, same carpeted bumpers (probably the same vintage carpet) and the same skates 30+ year leather uppers. We had a great time looking at the photos of skate competition past on the walls- Redding is a bit of a time warp and skating lasted well into the 90s. The only thing missing for me was seeing Teddi Epps skating backwards with ease; I was always so jealous of her skating prowess.

blue coat going

Where is that blue coat going?? This is when I turned around to find John trying to enter the rink right before we left. He has such a spirit for adventure.

skate feet

Now how was it for the boys? Hubby and I had both individually pictured skating slowly, holding their hands around the rink. How fun and what great visions of family memories. No such luck. John attempted the rink only briefly – had to keep that one on the carpet. Although, he did pretty well; even giving tips to other youngsters. Brendon did make two laps around the perimeter with intermittent falls. After that, we were pretty much done. An hour plus of picking the boys up over and over was a workout in it’s own right. I can definitely see another visit to the rink in the near future.

skate boys

Skate boys. Sometimes found near arcade games when they are supposed to be skating. John is yelling “skate night” for the photo.

On the way out, in true kid fashion, Brendon was lured by the “Party Room” and commented how he could have has birthday there next month. Dare to dream!! I know I did…..