More Exciting than Christmas


Brendon has been on a behavioral low this week. I could credit it to his dad being at a conference, but no, it’s been the week leading up to his birthday. For him, it’s better than Christmas. He’s been talking about it non stop and super excited to be SEVEN!!! So excited in fact, he woke up several times through the night and wee hours to see if it was time to open his gift. Coming to wake me each time. Finally, around 5am after getting no sleep for the past hour, I shuttled him to the playroom where he set up his alarm clock in anticipation of getting John and I up at 6am. I didn’t even know he knew how to set the alarm until this morning. Oh the joys of development.

Alarm Clock

The moment I finally emerged. I bought myself an extra 28 minutes of sleep with cartoons. And the gift in question: A Lego Ninjago set, courtesy of the Bahrs; Isaac getting all the credit.

The Hunt. To up the stress level for myself this year, I made a present treasure hunt for Brendon. He LOVES treasure hunts. As I was knee deep in the planning stages of this idea, I likened it to the Elf on the Shelf craziness of Christmas to my co-worker. Why do I do this stuff only to find myself trying to out-do it next year? The love of the birthday boys I guess!

Treasure Hunt

Both boys had a blast on the hunt. John even asking for one for his birthday. See what I do to myself??!!

The Party. Despite several ideas – a slumber party, a surprise party, trampoline place, chuck e cheese, all by Brendon, we’re having a low key party at home. He was super excited to invite his besties across the street and four friends from school. Unfortunately, being somewhat new to the area where so few people move frequently and one of those strange moms who works, I’m not in the social scene at school. Maybe I’m a crazy kid-napper lady? Have a hoarder’s house of neglect? Sad to say only one mom was willing to risk I might be okay and the girls across the street are out of town this weekend. The party rolls on…probably better for my stress level anyhow. Brendon had great fun and wasn’t phased in the least in the attendance.


Ninja cupcakes and a mini cake. Yum!!

It’s true, time flies by so fast with children. Not in the moment when they refuse to go to bed or are hiding from you in a clothes rack at Macy’s, those seem to last forever. The older the boys get the more I feel like reminiscing about their births. With that, I give you a little roll down memory lane for the Mumzy:

B oldies1

5 months, 6 months, 2.5years

Happy Birthday Little Boy!