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boys and amber

Yesterday we took the boys to a local farm, owned and operated by Ms.Roxanne. She’s a wonderful lady with the patience of a saint. Boy oh boy, did Brendon pepper her with endless questions. Many of them somehow skirting around “the birds and the bees”, which is a subject of much interest as of late; thanks to his fellow bus riders (girls of course!). But having raised two of her own and mentoring countless others through the 4-H program, Ms.Roxanne is too seasoned in little boys to get flustered and just kept them moving and doing.


Practicing for his Summer internship…Brendon doesn’t remember, but a little over three years ago, en route to Hawaii, we brought the boys here and he was able to see a day old calf up close.

The intent of the visit was our quest for fresh milk; I can’t think of a better pairing for our homemade sourdough bread and farm fresh eggs. Plus, I hear local raw milk is great for seasonal allergies and we are a-sufferin’ this Spring. After a sample taste earlier this week, we were hooked. Even John who prefers water, liked the milk.

We arrived right after she’d finished the last of the milking for the day, but she still let the boys help her bring a cow to the milking station (I doubt this is the technical term, I made it up) and gave Brendon a lesson in milking. This was quite an upgrade from the plastic cow display at the Honolulu Zoo and nothing beats hands on experience in life lessons.

john and lava

John told us the cow was a little stinky to him and he largely kept his distance. In fact, what was John doing while Brendon was trying his hand at milking? Petting Lava. If you know John at all, you’ll know he’s terribly afraid of dogs and to date really only likes my Dad’s aging and seriously docile Jack Russel. He and Lava found a special bond to say the least. It’s his quiet demeanor I’m sure.

Following the mini milking session, they were able to feed the cows, climb the fences, search for snakes by the tire swing (kidding), and also feed the pigs. Now if you haven’t seen farm pigs before, oh my! I’ve seen these guys before, but each time it’s somewhat shocking. Their big pig weighs 800-900 pounds, yet jumped with glee into the feed house when she saw us coming with the feed bucket. I kid you not. Jumped! It really was something to witness. After we got home, Hubby said, “you know what I thought when I saw those giant pigs?” – to which I answered…”You really wanted to ride one? Me TOO!” Unfortunately I was alone in that thought. Oh well. (sorry I forgot to get a photo – next time)

milk by the gallon

Milk by the gallon. The small jar, which is a normal size canning jar, is the cream we ladled off the top.


Did we get the milk. YES!! we did. We also were able to borrow this little bad boy (above) – a yogurt maker. Yay!!! I had completely forgot these exist until I saw the box. I think there may one still lurking at my dad’s house. Oh Rose… So now what do the boys keep asking? When the yogurt is going to be finished. I hope they like it!

3 thoughts on “Farm Fresh

  1. I hope you’re successful in finding my yogurt maker at your dad’s. I don’t believe it had ever been used. W
    What a great farm trip. So many special moments.

  2. I hope you’re successful in finding my yogurt maker at your dad’s. I don’t believe it had ever been used.
    What a great farm trip. So many special moments.

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