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Today was the end of a bittersweet journey for us. Following a terrible renter who refused to pay their rent on time or sometimes pay at all and 8 months on the market, paying the mortgage and poa dues, we closed on the sale of our North Carolina house.

The house we bought when Brendon was a toddler and John’s first home. A fantastic, fully loaded on a golf course house that served us very well for 2 years as our primary residence. It was in a beautiful gated community and I cherished the very active Mom’s Group there that kept me in friends and support with my family on the other coast. We made lots of memories and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the community was overbuilt and selling when we were PCS’d to Hawaii was not an option.

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I don’t remember why I drew this map, but I ran across it today…

While, three years later, we’ve still sold at a loss, I am proud of us. We didn’t fold under the pressure. We’ve weathered the bad house purchase storm. And even though our financial situation is drastically changed, we stuck to our promise when we signed on the dotted line. Don’t think the VA wouldn’t have it any other way! They do not endorse short sales. I’m also so very thankful we weren’t so far upside down and that we had the means to pay the balance. 

Yesterday Brendon was asking why we couldn’t keep the house and how he’d love to live there again. I thought it’s true, the house was simply fantastic and something we couldn’t afford if it were located in California, but our life has changed and I don’t envision us moving back to the South anytime soon. In the end, it’s just a house.

Master Bedroom

It’s true, all you need is Love! The rest is just stuff.

To celebrate? Champagne? No, but maybe some bittersweet chocolate.

**If you are looking to buy or sell a house in NC, I highly recommend our realtor, Gary Barrett. I can’t tell you all the ways he went way beyond the call of duty on this house and can whole heartedly say this sale most likely wouldn’t have happened without him. He really had our best interest in mind and I am so grateful we talked to him before we left NC, even though we put off selling our house for 3 years.**

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