Summer Boredom Busters / Homemade Gummies

With the Summer in full swing, visiting family no longer with us and campless Fridays to follow, we’re bringing back the Summer Boredom Busters!

This past Friday, we made Homemade Gummy Legos. I don’t have bear molds and those might get confused with our vitamins anyhow! So we went with Legos. I can’t believe how truly easy these were. Years ago I attempted making homemade gummies for Brendon using fruit puree and they turned out terribly; felt like a wasted day and ingredients.


The ingredients

Following a post on Facebook from my First Grade Teacher, Mrs. Brainerd, I let the boys help me with this very simple juice and gelatin process. She’s still teaching me after all these years! It was a hit.

worker B

Gummy making is serious business.

Here are the steps:

  1. Put juice in the saucepan (think in ¾ cup increments). We did 1.5 cups of apple cranberry juice and ¾ cup of pineapple juice to attempt to make it sweeter. Turns out you really need to add sugar, which we will do with the next batch.
  2. Sprinkle gelatin over juice and let set roughly 5 minutes. (1/4 cup of gelatin per ¾ cup of juice). We added ¾ cup of gelatin just in case the above ratio doesn’t make sense. You probably want to stir in the gelatin a little. I didn’t and we had some clumps, which led to using a whisk and some foam. But not to worry, they still turned out.
  3. Heat over medium heat, stirring, until it’s all dissolved and clear.
  4. Turkey baster it into the molds, chill for 20 minutes and you have…..GUMMIES!

Super simple.  

worker J

Such good workers.

I really think letting the boys do the tedious task of the molds helped for all of us. I was able to clean up the other messes in the kitchen and they had pride of helping = more willingness to eat said gummies. They liked them quite a bit, but we all agreed they weren’t very sweet.


*In full disclosure, I did put orange food coloring in the mix because I could tell they were going to come out very drab due to the  juice chosen and I know my boys wouldn’t like that. They are too familiar with bright food coloring in their “fruit” snacks.

Thank you Mrs. Brainerd!


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