The Making of a Runner (or two)

Friday was my boys’ first experience in competitive school athletics…RUNNING CLUB!! Sure they ran their mini miles when we were regulars at Stroller Warriors in Hawaii, but this was all their own. They had to run their own race and face their inner doubts without mom, dad or brother there to help them along.


Starting line for Brendon’s heat. They all were roughly this size.

I’m so proud of them both.

What I did not expect – There would be 1000 people there to watch K-3rd graders compete in a single event per student. It was a huge cross country meet; not actually sure how many different schools were represented in total. Nor did I expect how fun it would be to watch the race. The excitement of the run event, whistle blowing, crowd cheering, encouraging yells near the end of the course…it reminded me why race events are so vital to keeping motivation with running. Nothing to do with winning at all; just the thrill of the personal best. Something I’ve been lacking all year.


Their Game Faces! Ha! Brendon was really upset I wouldn’t let them play at the playground BEFORE their race in the blazing heat. John at some point had earlier in the day, colored his eyelids.

While the temperatures had dipped to high 80s a week ago, it was a blazing 107 by my car thermometer on Friday at 4pm and likely closer to 110 on the hot pavement and semi dried grass where the school meet was held. At one point I did question the sanity of letting children run in this type of weather, but the races went on.

John: Never really loving to run; he has always seemed to question the running with the “why are we doing this” type of attitude. His group was second to go and I full well expected him to not finish the course, but he did finish. He cried for at least half of it, wiping his tears and running it into the finish chute. Stating he never wants to run again. After I told him that was it for the day, he seemed to perk up quite a bit. Turns out there was a boy who had stopped running along the course, crying,  who John wanted to help, but he knew he had to keep running. He came in near the front of the overall pack.


John, in the center, black shirt nearest the bleacher. Headed for home.

Brendon: Known since he was two as our “Running Boy”, loves to run. Plod along is most accurate. He saves his energy by taking it nice and easy, which is fine by us. He came in somewhere in the last third of his age group; hot, sweaty and tired. He was a little saddened when he found out there were medals and he didn’t receive one. There were whispers it was top ten, but who knows how many were actually given.


Brendon coming into the finish.


My finishers!!

Thankfully, there were sno cones for sale, which the boys both equally deserved and relished after such a hot run. With the turnout and overall event size, I somewhat expected to run into someone I knew. True to expectation, I saw one of my clients there. I imagine the scene after I walk away: him telling his family, “That’s my architect.” And in my sassy, Seinfeld loving way I anticipate they respond, “I don’t see architecture coming from her.”


A snowcone finish! What a great idea. Next meet, we must remember more cold water.