Social Running

Friday marked the end of the Running Club Season, complete with a very confusing cross country course in Shasta Lake for the boys. It was a quick season and really I don’t know if any of us could have taken another meet. John ran his last meet like his first, in tears. I think the size of the event is just too overwhelming for him. And of course, despite low temps all week, it was in the 90s on race day.


John at the beginning of his run.

Brendon, well, what can I say about my Running Boy? He’s a social runner and truly I have only myself to blame/credit depending on how this is viewed. Within 300 yards of the starting line, he was in a race for last place. Seriously, he passed us in 2nd to last place and possibly slipping to the back of the pack. Did he care? Not one bit. I was blown away.


Goofing around before his run.

I saw him almost ¼ of a mile later passing a kid and turned around talking to the kid as he passed him. I wanted to shout, “YOU ARE IN A RACE!!!”; my inner competitor took this very hard. You’d think Hubby, with his love of sport and working out would be crushed to find his son is not competitive. Nope. He didn’t even care; he’s the one who pointed it out to me last week. There was a pretty significant hill the last 1/3 of the course and Brendon was able to pass 14 kids, who had likely not did the course preview walk.

Saturday marked my return to running after taking almost five weeks off from rolling my ankle on the inaugural run on my marathon training. We took the boys to Lema Ranch, despite loud verbal opposition. They say we run too long there and it’s boring. Thankfully we still have our double and Brendon being on the lighter side, still is able to ride (there are no bikes allowed). My mileage on the calendar for that day was 5 miles.


Brendon credited the stretches he learned at Running Club that he did prior to Saturday’s run for his epic mileage.


Brendon decided he was going to start out running and run he did. We took lots of water breaks, a few jelly bean breaks and plenty of “you can stop anytime” pep talks throughout the run. Something AMAZING happened. Brendon ran 5 miles. FIVE MILES! We did start to get a little worried about him running around the 4th mile, but he was determined.

I was blown away he ran for 5 miles, but even more than that, he talked almost the ENTIRE time. I’m sure if you’ve met him, this doesn’t seem surprising. That boy loves to talk. Just like his mom some might say. He’s a social runner. It’s been cultivated that running isn’t about the end goal and “winning”. It’s about enjoying the process with people you care about. It only hit me then that we’d modeled this behavior by running together as a family and talking. Along with his years of riding along with the Stroller Warrior ladies. He knows the love I have for the ladies I used to run with, the unbreakable bonds it creates and how valuable that time is together.

Muddy runs

One of my favorite runs with some of my favorite ladies.

Our actions have just as much impact as our words; may I never forget, they are always watching and listening.