Facing Reality

As some know, this is my “Big Year”. (A reference to the movie with the same name, which turned out to be more Dramedy than comedy and a solid sleeper movie.)

My Big Year wasn’t about birding, but about finally checking the box on the marathon and putting the 26.2 sticker on my car. One of my besties from Hawaii, now in Japan, is actually flying here to also run it. I’d say run with me, but she’s an amazing running beast and is set to qualify for Boston, while I’m more in the “just finish” category. In fact, we’re both running training plans by Hanson’s and the name of my plan is in fact Just Finish.


The transition point…9 weeks in…

The premise of the method is cumulative fatigue. Training your body to run when it’s tired. Training for those last 10 miles, not the first 16 when you’re still fresh and full of race day excitement. I love the idea. But, this week, at week 9, I am facing some serious reality. The same leg that suffered from a stress fracture two years ago, is once again hurting. It’s more in the ankle and outer muscle area, but it’s come to the point, I can no longer ignore it and pretend it’s not there.

It forced me to walk at mile 4 of my 6 miles this morning and almost had me in tears this evening. I’ve thought “if I just keep training, it’ll stop hurting”. Well. It is still hurting and as Hubby gave me the dreaded talk that I must scale back or I could be facing serious injury, I imagined my marathon dream evaporating forever.

So here it is, the new plan. I’m going to take a day of rest, then switch plans. Yes with only 8 weeks to marathon, I’m going to switch to something with more than one rest day a week and see if the added rest is enough to enable me to finish training and eventually run the marathon come January.

bread-for-daysWhat I did with my day of no running to keep from completely driving my family mad: Made bread, enchilada prep, worked on my Rue dress and took Brendon to see Anything Goes at the High School. I’d say it was pretty full day.


We only made it through the first act. My little partner here was pretty much done at that point. The play is open for another week – well worth the viewing. My favorite part were the vintage inspired costumes. One of my favorite eras in clothing.

Plan B at this point, or would that be Plan C?, is to run the relay with hubby and one other unsuspecting able bodied person, Carmen are you reading this????, but for now, I’m going to focus on running the whole event and pray my leg can make it. I don’t dare say Marathon or Bust, lest I jinx myself…

Runner. Must Run.