Holiday Wrap 2016

As this Holiday comes to a wrap, here’s our toast to the Christmas season. Filled with a LOT of work by mom, plenty of homemade gifts and a double dose of running! We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (in pictures)


Following my stint as 4-H helper, my boys kept requesting gingerbread houses of their own. I ended up hosting a house making event at our house for our boys and their cousins who also live in Redding. It was an interesting social experiment and fun filled day, wait hour.


The boys and their houses. Brendon was really into doing a nice house and yard. Only after this did he decide to hold the frosting bag to his lips. Oh my! they had so much sugar. John had lots of help by dad, but also refrained from over ingestion of candy until after his house was finished.


Aaaannndddd, the girls….well, let’s just say, Sugar is king for them and they had a hard time getting their houses to stand or stay decorated with all the **candy** about


Pretty much sums it up.


Brendon’s class put no their own Christmas concert and his teacher let him play Up on the Housetop, which he had learned as his special music for piano lessons this December. He is loving his new school!


As part of the whole school Winter Elective Showcase, the boys sang with their choir group. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they knew, despite them NEVER singing for us. They have opted of choir next semester and I might also mention, I completely embarrassed myself at said event. Completely by accident. #longlivegrandpaharley


The Cardenas/Galvin Christmas was supposed to be “handmade” and these were my offerings. The ornaments (left) were for my nieces and nephews. The remainder of my gifts were store bought and some didn’t even follow the Handmade rule at all *cough, Carmen, cough*. Regardless the food was delicious and the many, many boys stayed outside. Adult bliss.


The boys received these mustaches. John promptly put this on and said, “Moostachio” Me: Is that a character? John: You know, the nuts I can’t eat. Me: Oh, Pistachio. Haha.


As rare as a unicorn, we traveled to Chico ON Christmas Day. I know!! I can’t believe this happened, against my strict stay at home in jammies all day Christmas policy. Buuuuttt, Hubby’s cousin I haven’t seen in likely 15 years, newish bride and new baby were there. Plus, we had a lot to discuss as the very top secret name of the newest McNulty set to arrive this Spring was accidentally leaked the day prior.


One thing I’ve made my boys do is hand written thank yous. I felt it necessary when we lived far from family. Although, I slacked a bit last year, I put the boys right on it after Christmas this year. There is just nothing like a hand written note in this digital age. Brendon wrote these all on his own, from a list of gifts he needed to thank people for and John dutifully signed his name and colored the hearts. May they always be thankful.


The Cardenas girls are about to embark on a new New Years Eve tradition. Making oodles and oodles of tamales. This photo is roughly one quarter of the amount made. All under the supervision of my grandmother. I may have also built a fire from scratch after several years lacking in practice. I was pretty proud of myself.


Last but not least. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! With a toast from our favorite local winery and 15+ year old wine glasses. Here’s to 2017!

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