Krispie Monsters

One of my guilty pleasures is Rice Krispie Treats; right there behind the Double Stuf! I’ve never thought the day would come when I’d meet someone who didn’t like these, much less it would be my boys! They have such strange food aversions and preferences. Marshmallow Krispie creations are too texturally challenging for them I guess. Probably a recessive gene from deep within the pool.

When I was looking for a creative treat for our Teddy Bear Tea Party last month, I found this little gem: Spider Krispies! Not only where these super cute. The blog description of their creation was fantastic. Clearly, they had to wait until October. All set to make these little guys yesterday morning, until the installation of the many spider legs…um ya, that is too time consuming for me. I’m about the finished product! So I made my own creation: Krispie Monsters!Monster Krispies

Really, isn’t that what Pinterest and reading blogs is all about anyhow? Getting an idea and then making it your own. I like to think so. Regardless, my boys still did not like the treats (notice their faces). They ate the pretzel sticks and marshmallow eyes, but that’s about it.

Krispie 2 Krispie 3

And here are the Teddy Bear Sandwiches I made for the above mentioned Teddy Bear Tea and their inspiration:

Teddy Sammies

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