Shrinky Dink

When I was a kid, I lived for those paper book orders. Not that I often purchased from them, but they started my life long love of catalogs. Just looking at all that scholastic had to offer….ahhhh….my boys are now recipients and I enjoy them just as much. It’s so hard to choose just one.

On one such adventure with the book order, I ordered shrinky dinks. At least this is where I remember they came from. If you are reading this and you gave them to me as a birthday gift, I apologize. Let’s just let me have this one.

Shrinky Dinks. Do you remember these? They were line drawings on plastic, likely Smurfs in this case because I was a nut for the Smurfs in my childhood. You colored them with the provided markers, snapped them out and cooked them in the oven. At which point they shrunk into thick plastic objects with vibrant colors. Usually with holes to hang them on a bracelet or key chain. Because back then kids come come home and be “latch key kids” even in elementary school without the neighbors turning them in. They might even ride their bikes 7 miles each way to get dip cones at the frosty without their parent’s knowledge in the Summer and yes, once again, nobody thought anything of seeing said two small girls on their own. But, that was a different time.

I have such fond memories of the Shrinky Dinks. When I saw someone post a video on Facebook how to make your own using plastic you would normally throw away or recycle (although I do think they named them something else), man oh man was I game. Rummaged through the recycle bin and off to shrinky dink madness we went.

Before SD

Before cooking. Color only with sharpies/permanent markers. I punched a hole at the top with a regular hole punch and cut around the shape.

After SD

Bake 3-5 minutes on a parchment lined cookie sheet at 330 degrees. Notice how much smaller the outside two became and they are clear. Number 1 plastic, dead center.

After two rounds, I have discovered Number 1 plastic does not produce the hotly anticipated results, but a pretty cool white background. What number produces the best? I can’t say because I forgot to look. Waaahhh. It was the lid off the sushi container if that helps.

The boys are now bugging me daily for more plastic to melt in the oven. Who can blame them…

boys with sd

Proudly wearing their trash to treasure necklaces.