A camping we will go

The weather has been vacillating so much lately; we’re in that late stage of Spring, where you think it might not get to 100 degrees this year, but in the California valley, it’s just a fact. It WILL get over a 100 degrees this year. Several times. The first time it threatens to get close – high 90s – it feels as if you’ve instantly landed in the middle of the Sahara, whereas July when it’s been over 110 for several days on end, if it dips into the 90s, you think you might have to grab a sweater.


This view never gets old.

This weekend was that high 90s weekend. And of all the timing, we made good on our year long, well overdue, promise to camp on the Property with the boys. Vance was still working full time last Summer, despite asking for part time, which led to many delays on the camping adventure and the boys finally settled for camping in the backyard. As Facebook told me this morning, it was exactly a year ago. Fancy that.

Now that hubby is our home person, threatening to go back to work, we have lots more time for adventuring on the weekends. This was it. The weekend before the last week of school. I can’t believe the school year is nearly over already. Isn’t it fitting that hubby would go back to work just as we get to Summer break?! But, I digress. The camping.


Long live the Roadrunner. For some reason all the years in the bag have made the underside of the rainfly sticky. Now we’re debating if we need a new tent, but first maybe we should start camping more than once a decade.

We decided to make a late start due to the heat and headed South late in the afternoon. A stop at the 4H tri-tip drive-thru on our way, where thankfully my sis and brother in law were running the stand. Otherwise, we’d have ended up with a whole tri-tip and no way to slice it. This year they changed the sides and man oh man was it good. Corn on the cob, garlic bread, ranch beans and tri-tip. Anyhow, the heat could not be avoided and by the time we had one tent up, mattress blown and bags in, the boys were down to underwear only. Ha!


See the expression on Brendon’s face. It closely resembles the sigh from hubby when I pulled out the camera. What?! Documentation people!

After both tents were up, unearthing our tent from its pre-Brendon cocoon, we decided to celebrate. By celebrate I mean, sit in the shade and drink cold drinks.


McNulty Base Camp. Under the watchful eye of Shasta in the distance.


Dinner #2.

I can’t say I did much adventuring. I was more like the camp host. The boys went off with hubby to look for tracks and general mayhem. Not too much you can get into in an oversized subdivision, but they had a good time.

For dinner we had the previously mentioned tri-tip. Then later, for second dinner we had hot dogs. John was an eating machine! And of course after all that we had S’mores. Yum, yum, yummy. I stumbled on a new recipe for s’mores awhile back – instead of using chocolate pieces which don’t like to melt (although, this weekend, they probably would’ve been pudding in mere minutes), we use chocolate frosting on the graham crackers. Works so well!


Prepped and ready. See that frosting??


The finished product.

The night. Well, it was a very long night. I started getting a monster headache right before we went to bed. Probably due to not enough water, too much wine and sugar. Whatever the reason, it made for a terrible night’s sleep. The boys seemed to do alright. Minor shuffling about. The heat never really subsided until the wee hours, so by the time daylight broke, we were all up and not feeling very rested.

IMG_0345 IMG_0344

The boys ran about, up and down the hill a couple times, we had breakfast and broke camp. Thankful we were only 30 minutes from home. Both boys said it was a super time sleeping in their tent on the hill and of course all thoughts of uncomfort replaced by dread of unpacking. By mid-day, mommy was in much need of a nap. And that’s just what she did.

And a few random extras:


How happy was hubby I got him this chair for his birthday last month? When I gave it to him, he looked uninterested, but let’s just say that all changed this weekend!



My big little one. Lassen in the distance.


Me with the little little one.

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