Number 6

Our youngest turned 6 today. Six! That’s pretty big stuff. He’s lost two teeth this Summer with one more soon to be under the pillow. A sweet and lovable little cutie, who is also very stealthy; sure to keep us on our toes for year to come. We kicked off the birthday celebrating early last night at a party at his paternal grandparents’ house and then continued on with it today.

Birthday table at the “old” house. Which does predate our new house by a solid 50 years I’d say. Notice how dark it is? We have all the lights on; there was no over head lighting outside of the kitchens and baths.

As the timing turned out Hubby, his brother and dad really turned up the volume on our move today and made two mega trips from our house with the uhaul and even moved the dreaded….daaa…daaaa…da….piano! Everyone else you are officially off the hook! Thank you mom, David, Sisters and families for the assist. What a busy and amazing day all in one.

Birthday celebrators after moving all day. Hubby up since 3:00am working on his game plan. (a week ahead of schedule). Notice the lighting. Not a single light on. Oh the natural light. I have missed you!!

Happy 6th Birthday Johnny Boy! 

The birthday boy. Happy to be home. As we say in the military, Home is Where the Stuff is.

And a yearly special shout to his birthday buddy – Mr. Edward Bottomley. Celebrating 75!!! years today. A very special friend of ours from Arizona. Edward I hope yours was more restful. Miss you!

Who doesn’t love a good parting cake shot? This was the second of two cakes I made for the birthday boy. Both funfetti. This one was smaller with vanilla frosting. The first was chocolate frosting and taller and wider.