Back to School 2017

As is typical for us it seems, the boys had an opportunity to switch schools yet again this year, but three schools in three years is just too much to ask from them. Especially since this was part of the reason we exited the military in the first place; to grow roots and make lifetime friends. So, I am super happy to announce, they will be returning to their Charter school in Cottonwood!! And in case you missed it in the hubbub of my earlier ramblings, we have moved to Cottonwood too! This mom’s circle is almost complete.

My adorable school boys. They each picked new shoes for school this year. John’s have flames on the side. Brendon’s favorite color is green…you might be able to tell?

This year we have a 3rd and 1st grader and here are the stats, which I seem to forget each year. But not his year!

Brendon: 51.5” height / 53 lbs; likely to be the most talkative in his class, but also (fingers crossed) one of the most well-mannered and helpful. Brendon hopes he loves this year’s teacher as much as the last (her sister). She has big shoes to fill.

John: 44” height / 37 lbs; Most likely to sneak an accessory of some sort to school. His current favorite, his headphones – worn around his neck, in case he doesn’t want to hear something he can put them on; we have banned them from school, so he’s settled for the hat. Mr. Quiet and cheerful.

What are the chances the First Day of School is the day of the Solar Eclipse?! Pretty amazing. No tears at the drop off from John this year. It’s mixed emotions for his parents; he’s growing up for sure. They both are.

In closing – this Summer was all about the dab, snaps with thumbs up, accessories and playing UNO.