Mixed Bag Week

The biggest hurdle of the past two weeks has been the back to school/work/cleaning routines. Both weeks, I’ve been super motivated on Monday, deep cleaning the hall bathroom even! (thinking how clean my house would be if I did one item to this level each day), by Tuesday my enthusiasm for cleaning was over, and Wednesday. Ugh. Wednesday. I just suffer through Wednesdays at this point in a fog of tiredness. Staying up too late Monday and Tuesday I guess.

But this week has been a mixed bag of emotions. Another layer of “fun”, if you will. On Monday, my bone density scan results were in. I somehow knew it wasn’t going to be good. Probably that old stress fracture in my shin, starting to ache last week was tipping me off. I went with much dread to this appointment. And as it turned out, my bones are to the density level of osteoporosis at this point. Already at age 42. Seriously?! I don’t even know if the doctor quite knew how to take it; it’s likely, as a GP, she doesn’t see many ‘young’ ladies with osteoporosis, who have never smoked and have no other markers for it.

If I was post menopause and 65, it’d be an easy answer. Medicine. At only 42 and definitely pre-menopause (although, I’d be happy to be on the other side at this point), there is no easy answer. Especially for a runner. My hubby is an excellent health researcher and was able to determine, given my age there is likely some other cause of the thin bone density and who knows how long it’s been where it is now.  But what to do?

I spent the week not running. If you are a runner or live with a runner, you know this is not a happy situation for anyone in the house. A runner who is not running is a caged tigress; putting it very mildly. After a few outbursts last night and waking up at 3:30am today to start my next organize and purge cycle on the office, it was time to get outside. Nothing was going to solve my bone density in the short term and not running was definitely not the answer!

So here I am, figuring out the next step for my bone density issues. Still running, shorter distances only and walking downhills to minimize impact, until we find out more. It’s very likely I will have to give up running before I am mentally prepared to do so, but I will enjoy it as long as I am able.

As I said earlier, if I must run shorter, I will run fast(er).  I’m typing this post and my mom messages me the air quality index , saying we should stay indoors. oops! That would explain my sore throat.

And as a side note: I finally was able to come up with some design ideas on a project I’ve been struggling with. Yet, another reason to keep running!

Happy Friday!

If you are wondering how/why I even went for the bone density scan in the first place….Back in May, I went to my GP because my stomach was hurting for several weeks, which turned out to be high fructose related hubby and I figured out after my appointment. The doctor had me run a routine blood test and also checked my Vitamin D levels, which came back strangely low. This prompted the bone density scan. Would I have ever checked this otherwise? Never. I go to the doctor maybe once every other year, when I’m seriously ill (or pregnant). I’d encourage other ladies to have their Vitamin D checked – especially if you are of thinner build.

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  1. Even though running has definitely been so good for you, for some reason your body has been signaling you (shin, bone density). I’m not sure what’s going on, but I know God is at hand and will reveal it to you. Of course as your mom I want to fix this, if only I could. 💝

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