New Years Clikapudi 5k

First a little back story (I do love back stories):

Saturday Brendon was looking for something to do and asked if he could run the neighborhood loop, which involves a challenging hill and almost three miles in length, by himself. Um. No. If he was on his bike, I’d probably consider it, but that is too far for him to be on foot alone. We agreed on a different distance (approx. 1.5 miles round trip) and he got himself geared up with face mask, belt and water bottle.

We tried to talk John into going with him, riding his bike along side, but John was not keen on the idea and decided to stay behind. Only to come crying that he had nobody to play with five minutes later. Agghh!! Kids and their crazy logic.

Anyhow, not too long after this, I was headed out for errands and be still my heart, there were the boys coming home. Brendon running and John riding next to him. Turns out John changed his mind. It was super cute and they were both very proud of their accomplishment, as was I.

Now for today. I’ve been looking forward to running the New Years Clikapudi Trail race for a few months. Not sure why, maybe because I’m a crazy runner?! Ha! I had hubby talked into running the 10k with me and after a few solicitations, we had sitting for the boys for the morning.

At 3am, we woke up to John crying from the bathroom. Camped out on the toilet. Followed by some throwing up. A real parental dream wake up. Especially the morning of an organized run. With some quick rearranging and thankfully flexibility of my 8 year old, we had Vance stay home with John and Brendon doing the run with me. Let me also say, I am not recovered from whatever illness has hit our house and made three trips to the bathroom prior to leaving for the race.

Really, it was a dicey adventure, but did I say I was a crazy runner already? This was one of those days. I had to follow through. I was able to switch our bibs to the 5K race after we arrived (I just had B run under hubby’s bib – he looked mighty spry for a 45yr old, hehe. Figured it didn’t really matter as we weren’t out to win any awards).

Ready, ready, ready to run…

Brendon really impressed me today. Not only his willingness to go with the flow, but he completed the 5k (hilly and on a single track trail for over half) without complaining and no walking. He also talked the entire course about all sorts of things: falling off the cliffs, how pretty it was, what if a car ran us over, making knives out of sticks…. The last half mile was uphill and a little slow going, but he pushed on with lots of encouragement. As he came into the finish chute, he was all smiles. It was something of a Mother Runner’s dreams. Love tank full.

Day 1 of 2018. Run done.

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