Architecture in the Kitchen

My kids were home sick yesterday and most of the conversations we had centered around me convincing them they weren’t’ going to be sick tomorrow (meaning today)! Which only worked on the older of the two, who kicked off the whole sickness this weekend.

Last night I started thinking How on earth did the mom on Family Ties do architecture in her kitchen?’ With my boys home my focused concentration was shot. Strangely I fielded and placed nearly twice the amount of phone calls as a regular work day at the office. Somehow everyone knew I was a tethered soul; doing the bidding of my two sick minions.

I tried to find a photo of the drafting table and I found this. I didn’t remember any office shots on the show, but there it is. Also, I found on etsy, you can actually purchase many hand drafted plans of many sitcom houses. The one for Family Ties states her drafting table is in the living area. I guess I remembered that wrong. Hehe. The kitchen seemed more memorable for some reason.

Thankfully they were pretty docile most of the day John still let his crankies flare up a time or two, but we got through it like we always do. Around the time hubby came home I was considering hanging up my digital T-square and heading back to the life of domestic bliss as a stay at home mom. But, let’s just say my normally agreeable hubby, squashed that idea pretty quickly. He doesn’t need me drumming up more projects at home and driving him crazy with the ins and outs of said projects.

I guess he prefers the recounts of other people,s projects, upsets with the local permitting jurisdictions, troubles and financial woes all on part of my clients, not our own.

Being home yesterday made me realize I have a pretty sweet gig. A job I enjoy, with coworkers I mostly (Ha!) enjoy. (Not so much when they decide to borrow my mouse while I’m gone at a meeting), clients that keep me chuckling for the most part and the flexibility to care for the boys when they’re sick.

My sickies.


So, it looks like another day as the Family Ties mom, working my architecture job from the kitchen, while the second boy coughs his way to recovery. Happy Wednesday!