Kukaniloko Birth Stones

This post is dedicated to Emily and her soon to arrive son, “Fox”.

Despite an insignificant mention in a tour book we received upon arrival on Oahu, I have been curious to see these birth stones in person. Maybe more so lately, reflecting on the Christmas Story, the births of my own boys, and the pending birth of Emily’s first boy.


We’ve passed by the site a couple times and even planned to stop once, but it was raining. Today on our road trip around the North Shore, I was finally able to get out for a visit. It was a little rainy and definitely off season for tourism; the site was nearly empty of people.

stone group1

You can read more details about the site here, but it is an ancient birthing ground for Hawaiian royalty. Before visiting, I thought there were maybe a handful of stones and was surprised to find so many (there are 80).  The stones are arranged with a view of distant mountains and still bear the markings of where women would have sat, laid or stood against the stones during and post labor.

sit stone2 shaped stones1

I know, this is going to come across a bit hippie maybe, but no less than my use of hypnobirthing to deliver my sons. I had a distinct sense of the ladies who had been here before and would highly recommend a visit to this site for any mother. My hubby could not understand why I wanted to visit and probably still has no idea, since he waited in the car with the boys. It’s not something I can put into words for him to understand. Childbirth is an amazing and exhausting experience, as is motherhood.

stone group crop

Best wishes for a safe and speedy delivery Emily!