Hi I’m Toni! Architect turned Stay at Home Mom.

Although, there are a number of reasons for me to start blogging, the most obvious is I’m a chatty gal. Another great reason: my hubby is in the Army. Translated – ” We move A LOT”. With each move I feel uprooted and disconnected, starting over in a new place, new terms and new friends. I don’t write to my “old” friends as much as I’d like and thought this might fill that vacancy.


For some time now, I’ve been referring to our little family unit as “Life as an island”. We are removed from our immediate family and look inward for our resources, love and support. It’s a fact of Army life. I guess Uncle Sam decided he’d heard just about enough and sent us to live on an island! Oahu. I know, hate me, I live in Hawaii. But don’t worry, I’m not on vacation everyday. I have a regular life, where my mini masters tell me what they will and won’t do, complete with screams, spits, and hits, I clean the house, cook meals, and wait during the LONGEST HOUR (4pm onwards, could be 45 minutes or much longer) for my hubby to return after 12hrs of being gone. But inbetween there, I carve out time to run, read books, sew, pin like crazy and sometimes, I’m even lucky enough to work on an architecture project. Beyond torturing my boys with the Endless Kisses Buffet, I revel in these bits of me time.

If you’ve looked around, you’ve probably wondered, where’s the architecture? It’s there. While it isn’t directly present currently, it’s embedded within. Within the many crazy crafts, trips to museums, discussions with my boys, friends and family, it’s there. It has to be. I’m an architect! If you’re an architect, it’s so much a part of your being, there’s no way to not be an architect. Don’t worry, I’m not one of the crazy kind, just passionate. I know, they all say that!

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you’ll stay awhile.


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