What’s with these categories?

Dérives – Essentially an urban walk-about.  The route is unplanned; geography and architecture dictate the course of travel and provide the travelers with a unique and authentic experience. I’m obviously using this definition very loosely as I’m applying it to non-urban travel adventures as well, but you get the idea.

Finance and Fitness – Hubby’s guest blogspot on my page. He claims to know nothing about either. (I call Shenanigans!) He’s a physical therapist, training for an over forty body building competition, constantly testing new dietary experiments in lean-ness. Really it’s just a place for me to complain about the latest dietary experiment I’ve been roped into, under the banner of United Front.

Get Crafty – Formerly known as ScrapCrap – The locale for all my crafty adventures. Many, but not all, may include children oriented, directed or inspired crafts. ScrapCrap is a fictitious scrapbooking supply store I am partners in with my fellow Army wife and bestie, Jenan Eichinger. It was created at the height of Creative Memories and may be the reason for CM’s ultimate demise? Who’s to say really.

Our Keto Journey – Hubby’s passion is nutrition, with a minor in “getting lean”. We’re test driving the Ketogenic Diet and gathering as many siblings and friends as possible to enjoy the intense low carb journey with us. Come on, it’ll be fun!!

Still Sewing – My oldest hobby. I started sewing on the machine in fourth grade. Before that I was making clothes by hand for my doll; usually in the table fort my sister and I would construct on a daily basis in the Summer. I dabbled in 4-H, but it never really stuck. I sew apparel, with mixed results, quilts and most recently stuffed animals. I have and will always LOVE fabric!

Up and Running – Yes, I run. Why do I run? I run because I can. Because it makes me feel good after it’s over. Because I love the ladies I run with (Stroller Warriors Pearl Harbor). Because it is the only thing that keeps the cellulite on the back of my thighs from a complete and hostile takeover. And mostly, I run, because I like running. It’s true. I really like running!



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