From Keto to Vegetarian

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned our Keto journey and despite my lack of adherence to the diet from Halloween to Christmas, I love the Ketogenic diet. My skin never looked better and the energy boost I had from avoiding carbs was absolutely amazing. Keto for life!!!

And then, my nutrition experiment hubby broke the news: He’s gone vegetarian; nearly vegan. Can you think of a bigger shift from Meat and Cheese loving Keto? Turns out Keto was not a perfect diet for him. He was chronically hungry and no amount of fat could satiate the hunger.

So there it is. I’m riding my usual roller coaster of emotions when he springs a new diet on me. Denial, resistance, anger, more resistance and then finally acceptance. It just doesn’t work for us to have two opposing diets, so I’ve surrendered my delicious bacon, bullet proof coffee, and fat bombs (for now) and am suffering through a bit of bad skin to see if I can too can embrace a vegetarian diet. With occasional meat splurge meals of course.

The other big change is the sleep inducing effect of carbohydrates. Had I known this, I’d have fed Brendon nothing but bread when he was an infant, keeping me up all hours with his howling. The carbs regularly seduce me into slumber around 1pm, but I’m pushing on. Trying to be productive.

Workouts January

Because I love pictures, I’m including this: My day planner for the month of January. This year I started something new; marking my workouts and runs with green highlighter. It’s been a bit slow going getting back into running this year for me. Keeping track in such a visual way has made it very motivating on the days when I just don’t feel like doing anything.

Energy Busters

The last couple weeks I’ve felt super productive. I’m normally a whirlwind of activity; no secret where Brendon gets it, but this week has been so much better. I’ve been crossing off my list and wondering how on earth I’m getting all this done. In addition to getting a good amount of sleep each night. Even my bestie Christie has commented on it. I’ve never thought there was anything behind it; just that I was a great multi-tasker and while I feel a bit like those dubious “Oprah’s real secret for weight lost” teaser posts on Facebook, here it is. In a real life trial. The secret to maintaining energy levels in the afternoon, without a synthetic aide.

Yesterday I attended my Moms Christmas Party. One of my favorite events of the year, in no small part to the White Elephant Exchange, although really all the moms are too nice. Tim Tams anyone? I had read the food line up, which prompted a hasty workout to “earn” delicious free calories. And boy did I indulge!!

Moms food

Some of the mom’s club spread. Culprit Number One: ME! For bringing Grandma’s Enchiladas.

Sure, I’ve had a handful of fries here or there, but you know how long it’s been since I’ve had potatoes? potatoes, wrapped in a flour tortilla, topped with cheese, with a side of spicy corn, beans, rice, two meatballs, a slice of kahula cake and finished off with a candy cane brownie? And in the middle of the day?? It’s been MONTHS! So long that my body doesn’t remember what that is like.

I went into a drastic food coma, coffee didn’t even scratch the sleepy surface. I was a walking zombie. What happened? As I was struggling to clean the kitchen, telling Vance my tale of sleepy woe  last night, an epiphany struck. The carbohydrates! And in the middle of the day. Double whammy. It was obvious, yet took my alert hubby to articulate the source.

It immediately reminded me of those 2pm slumps I would get when I worked in an office. Usually after consuming a giant burrito from down the street for lunch. You know the ones – where you find yourself wishing it was birthday cake day so you can at least offset the sleepies with a sugar, just to make it to five o’clock. Otherwise you might sit staring at the computer pretending to do something, blinking a lot to keep from falling asleep.

candy hearts

I made these for the boys’ classmates this morning. Dangerously good!!! Have I learned nothing?!

So there it is. After three months of strict Keto, following and followed by Keto light (as I’m calling it) complete with carb nights only on workout days, my body has officially been converted; operating on mostly fat and protein and using only vegetables for carbohydrates. Mid day starchy carbohydrates and SUGAR have become my productivity kryptonite.

We turned to Keto for leanness and overall health benefits. I had initially been pleasantly surprised to find it helped to clear my skin (thank you sugar), but I had no idea how well this works as a system for keeping your body alert and fully functioning throughout the day.

white elephant

Off to another white elephant exchange today. I wonder how many of those this little gift has seen….choose wisely Schofield PT staff…