Make it Monday // Seamwork Patsy

This skirt is from the Seamwork, skill building pattern collection.

Patsy: With subscriber’s bonus – pleats.

I have been working on this skirt since it came out; not sure if that was two or three months ago, and really not wanting to look. Let’s go with two! I can’t say I loved the farmgirl version, original Patsy, but this shorter pleated version definitely got my attention.

Short Patsy with pleats as posted by Seamwork. (L) and Elisalex’s Raw Silk version (R) – hers is much more 50 vibe than the religious oppression version I cooked up.

Perfectly timed, I had just seen a blogger I follow (Elisalex of By Hand London fame) make a similar tea length version without a pattern right before this pattern was released. For mine, I did a dark pink faux silk, fully lined version, with added inseam pockets. In full disclosure, I left it below the knee length and joked with my SIL that it looked like a religious oppression skirt. The length plus pleats was not a winning combination for me.

I was trying to get a similar shot – for comparison to the one above. This is what Brendon did. Hmmm. I really need to scope out a wall at the new place for my photos and set up the tripod; my photographers are getting more resistant.

I shortened it and am pretty happy with the results. Unfortunately, my waist size changed during the long duration between muslin and skirt and now it’s a bit baggy, which I could do without. I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying it on during construction as I had to redo the zipper twice and I could’ve easily taken it in either of those times. Oh well. Worked pretty well with bike shorts underneath on Sunday.

One item of note is the whole skirt is French seamed. Meaning there are no raw, fraying edges lurking about in the inside. Even the pockets!! Eeek!! Thank you League of Dressmakers sewing group for the assist and helping me take my sewing up a notch. Inside the skirt at pocket (L). Outside at the pocket (R). This fabric is a real chameleon – the color is constantly changing.

Stepping out in my Patsy for church. This is as good as it gets with 30 minutes to shower and dress after a 3 mile run, feeding kids and cutting hubby’s hair. Nothing like cramming a few things in before 9:00am. And don’t think Hubby was too tolerant of the photo taking either. Haha.

And for a bit of bad news….whomp, whomp, whomp. I had planned to make the Astoria top to go with this skirt. Wouldn’t that have looked cute?! Then the long sleeve t-shirt Alice came out this month and I decided at the 11th hour to make that. Only my computer stopped talking to my printer and I was so frustrated I printed the pattern using Hubby’s computer.

Weeeellll, you know how there is the test square on the first sheet to make sure the pattern prints the correct size? I noticed it was a touch, a tad, an itty bitty bit small. Turns out that makes a BIG difference. After all my careful sewing and finishing. I can’t get my arms into the Alice top I made. Waaahhhh. Should’ve stuck to tried and true Astoria! A real bummer.


Make it Monday // Double header

Make it Monday features two easy to sew knit tops. I’ve made both in different ways before, so this was a bit of an old friend meets new twist.

As part of a challenge for myself and to fill a void in my Summer wardrobe, I want to make a “rashy” (swim rash guard) for over my bikini. Then I ran across this floral fabric in Joann’s and thought it’d be perfect. Is it just me or is floral having a moment lately? Hubby pointed out that it is a little dark for a swim shirt as it might make me pretty hot in direct sun, wearing black and all. Ugh. I hadn’t thought of that.


But of course, I still NEEDED!! to make something from this delicious fabric. So, I made a shirt version of the Marianne Dress by Christine Haynes. An tried and true pattern. This is my fourth Marianne, but a completely different version. A shirt from View A. I will say this fabric was super slippery and I may have melted a small amount of the shoulder elastic; that’s what I get for distracted sewing. All in all, I think it’s super cute and was such a comfy top to wear to work today. I might even wear it again tomorrow… The sizing of this pattern runs true to measurements for me personally. No alterations needed. 


Marianne Top in slippery knit

Now back to the Rashy. I had the pattern all picked out: Seamwork Astoria in a cropped 3/4 sleeve combination. I made one of these when the pattern was first released, which I’m sorry to say I have yet to wear in the wild. I used too thin of a knit for the pattern; probably another good reason to NOT use the floral fabric. I used a heavier textured knit from my stash, think wetsuit. Weeellll, and there is no way I’m posting a photo of myself in this top, I also decided it would be great to size down a size to make it really swim worthy. Um, ya. That wasn’t a good idea. It is beyond too small. Ha! I think I’ve “grown” since I last made the top. Hubby was not impressed and is still urging me to just buy a rashguard already. If only I could find one that I like and fits well. This sizing of this pattern also runs true to measurements for me; just need to stick to the correct size on the next make. 


What do you think? Should I continue using this pattern for the Rashy? Just make it in the correct size next time? Hmm. Such a debate.

And for a little  weekend update, my sis Elise and I ran the Moonshine Trail 5K this past Friday night. It was straight up hill for 2 miles. They were absolutely not kidding in the description. Lots of walking! The refreshments at the top were self serve and the whole event had a great grass roots type of feel. If you get the chance to do one of the runs put on by Shasta Trail Runs, do it! I’m in the process of talking Hubby into running Clikapudi on New Years. We shall see how that turns out.


Certified Moonshiner – as if the Limoncello and Kombucha didn’t tip anyone off previously…

Also a little shout out to my dear ol’ dad, who turned 63 today! Happy Birthday Daddy!!