Make it Monday // Double header

Make it Monday features two easy to sew knit tops. I’ve made both in different ways before, so this was a bit of an old friend meets new twist.

As part of a challenge for myself and to fill a void in my Summer wardrobe, I want to make a “rashy” (swim rash guard) for over my bikini. Then I ran across this floral fabric in Joann’s and thought it’d be perfect. Is it just me or is floral having a moment lately? Hubby pointed out that it is a little dark for a swim shirt as it might make me pretty hot in direct sun, wearing black and all. Ugh. I hadn’t thought of that.


But of course, I still NEEDED!! to make something from this delicious fabric. So, I made a shirt version of the Marianne Dress by Christine Haynes. An tried and true pattern. This is my fourth Marianne, but a completely different version. A shirt from View A. I will say this fabric was super slippery and I may have melted a small amount of the shoulder elastic; that’s what I get for distracted sewing. All in all, I think it’s super cute and was such a comfy top to wear to work today. I might even wear it again tomorrow… The sizing of this pattern runs true to measurements for me personally. No alterations needed. 


Marianne Top in slippery knit

Now back to the Rashy. I had the pattern all picked out: Seamwork Astoria in a cropped 3/4 sleeve combination. I made one of these when the pattern was first released, which I’m sorry to say I have yet to wear in the wild. I used too thin of a knit for the pattern; probably another good reason to NOT use the floral fabric. I used a heavier textured knit from my stash, think wetsuit. Weeellll, and there is no way I’m posting a photo of myself in this top, I also decided it would be great to size down a size to make it really swim worthy. Um, ya. That wasn’t a good idea. It is beyond too small. Ha! I think I’ve “grown” since I last made the top. Hubby was not impressed and is still urging me to just buy a rashguard already. If only I could find one that I like and fits well. This sizing of this pattern also runs true to measurements for me; just need to stick to the correct size on the next make. 


What do you think? Should I continue using this pattern for the Rashy? Just make it in the correct size next time? Hmm. Such a debate.

And for a little  weekend update, my sis Elise and I ran the Moonshine Trail 5K this past Friday night. It was straight up hill for 2 miles. They were absolutely not kidding in the description. Lots of walking! The refreshments at the top were self serve and the whole event had a great grass roots type of feel. If you get the chance to do one of the runs put on by Shasta Trail Runs, do it! I’m in the process of talking Hubby into running Clikapudi on New Years. We shall see how that turns out.


Certified Moonshiner – as if the Limoncello and Kombucha didn’t tip anyone off previously…

Also a little shout out to my dear ol’ dad, who turned 63 today! Happy Birthday Daddy!! 

Marathon Expedition

Yesterday was a bucket list achievement for me. Running a full marathon. I somewhat regretted not running the Honolulu marathon with the Stroller Warrior ladies, but due to Xterra and a stress fracture, it just didn’t happen. BUT, a marathon on home soil was much more sweet.

5 months ago, I started the Hanson’s Training Method, on suggestion by my bestie Sandra, who was coming to run the marathon and hoping to shave an hour plus off her previous time. If you haven’t heard of this method, it’s based on cumulative fatigue to get you through those last miles. More on those end miles to follow.

Day one of training I twisted my ankle and rolled my foot, so I spent FIVE weeks riding my stationary bike instead. After several weeks on the Hanson’s method, it proved to be too much running for my tenuous shin (previous stress fracture), so week 10 of 18 I switched to Hal Higdon’s beginner training. Logging roughly 40miles a week in the meaty part of the training; I started to remember why I disliked training so much…..

But I made it through training and the last two week taper. My family and coworkers were troopers to endure my crusty moods.

The Redding Marathon has a relay component, which runs the same course and distance in three legs. For my expedition, we knew Vance would run the relay as the middle leg. It’s the leg he ran last year and the hardest hills of the course. The other two legs were up for grabs and we queried many, even thinking we’d likely not find other legs and I would just run that portion solo. But as Vance keeps telling me, I don’t need friends here, I have SISTERS! (four of them) and family. True to form it was a family team and in the end, the perfect mix for the expedition. I am so grateful for each of them.


As a tangent story, our bus driver decided to pull over at the scenic stop before the dam, much to the dismay and snarky comments of the runners on board. The bus driver mumbled something and only a few (non locals) including said driver got out to take a photo or VIDEO (yep, the driver again). As the passengers were getting anxious of being late to the start, the bus driver gets back in and clearly states how this is a very unique time. The sky is so clear you can see three peaks and water actually being released since we’ve had so much rain. Best comment by the passengers: “Well, you didn’t sell it like that before, now we all want to get out”. Haha. And Bus 2 rolled on. Photo by Sandra

Leg 1: Shasta Dam to Keswick Boat Launch 9.2? 9.8? miles. We never figured out the actual distance and Elise said we lured her in saying it would be 8 miles and then progressively added mileage each time we discussed it. Ha! Crazy like a McNulty.
My sister Elise was a perfect fit for the first leg. She kept me from starting too fast, which I enviably always do in races. She was a great pacer and trooped through all my chatter. At mile 6 we split and I had a very hard time finding my pace for the next mile, after a “brief” run into the tall grass on the side of the trail.


Starting line selfie. Sandra, Elise and me

Leg 2: Keswick to Turkey Trot 9.8 miles
Hubby’s leg. The hills. I finally answered my question: would I rather run straight up hill for a shorter distance or up a long gradual hill. LONG GRADUAL HILL.* At least in a long distance run situation because you can at least keep running, not stopping to walk. Hubby was perfect. Keeping me on pace and also reminding me it’s okay to walk and get my heart rate down. He mentioned after the event how surprisingly fresh I was after my first leg – It’s all about that pace! Hubby debated doing the last two legs for a small while, but when we got near the third leg exchange, he was more than happy (my impression) to see Jeannine and Don.


Hubby and the boys

*side note – a long gradual hill may result in a rear end cramp. Ouch!!! this is when stopping to stretch mid race is so important.

In the middle of this leg and again in leg 3, the marathon utilizes a single aid station. It was a fantastic station with pink wigged ladies, music playing and silly signs. The Redding Marathon is a well oiled machine.

Leg 3: Turkey Trot to end 7 miles
The aid station right before the switch held a special surprise for me. The realtor who sold us our land many moons ago, and friend was there with a sign for me. It actually brought me tears. It was so unexpected and kind. Thank you Kristin!!


Don & Jeannine

My cousin’s hubby agreed to do the final leg, after several closer family members turned it down. He was an obvious choice, being a runner and running 1,000 miles this past year!, but he’d be driving up from Chico, after staying up until Midnight… None the less, he agreed and I am so thankful he did. He was a perfect end marathon pacer. I told him he didn’t have to stay with me, but in reality, It would’ve been a very hard finish for me, without him there. After mile 23 I was mentally done. Crabby patty mood set in and I was beat. At mile 24 I just wanted to walk. Loud breaths and sighs. When I saw the finish line near mile 26, I wanted to sit down and be done. But Don kept me going with funny stories, jokes and a “we’re going to get this done” attitude. His call for the final half mile kept me pressing on.

And the finish: I haven’t really mentioned it much, outside of the last two weeks, to many that I was doing the full marathon because it was so touch and go with my leg during training. Even my dad and work partner had no idea I was running the full thing. Haha!! I was caught by surprise with the family faces there to to cheer me on through the finish. What a magical moment.


I don’t even remember putting up the shakas. It’s my Hawaii hangover. Too good to shake.

My mom and older sister were there, bearing cupcakes!!! and champagne. My fellow mother runner and cousin Jeanine, my in-laws stayed after keeping my boys overnight and brought them to see me finish (I hope this is burned into their memory banks so they remember it when I’m long past running) my supportive hubby and SANDRA!!


Sandra, this lovely lady I am proud to call her a friend. She flew from Japan to run the marathon, with her two minis in tow, and was able to in fact shave an HOUR off her previous marathon time. She is pretty amazing. We have logged countless running miles during our time on Hawaii together and it was very special to have her there as I crossed the finish on my first marathon.


The whole gang, minus Elise who has a 10 month old to tend to.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, pushed me, paced me, encouraged me and cheered me on both virtually and physically. It helped more than you know. I am truly blessed.

**Video link in blue under photo**


Love the bling! Follow this link to a video clip. My official finish time: 4:57:22, under my goal time of 5hours. Woohoo!!