Waimea Bay, North Shore Oahu

Today we were in search of turtles and a kid friendly beach on the North Shore. I really wanted to try Turtle Beach (Laniakea), but after reading reviews of it being rocky opted to try Waimea Bay (thanks to Kate for the suggestion). At first glance, we were skeptical…there were so many fishing poles in the water, it didn’t look promising for little ones to be swimming; it turned out to be a wonderful experience.


We weren’t there long when a fisherman accidentally caught a very small turtle by the flipper. They brought it to shore near us, which satisfied Brendon for seeing a turtle today. He did keep yelling, “Hi Flippy!” from the sidelines. Not sure the other onlookers enjoyed that too much.

Shortly after that, Vance took Brendon out to the nearest small rock in the photo above. Underneath it is much larger and home to many fish and another small turtle. Brendon was so excited to see a turtle “in its natural habitat”. (What’s a habitat?) Vance is just to the left of the rock and Brendon is the head next to him to the left.

Sand crab2John, being a royal Sand Crab today, refused to go in the water. I think he looks pretty smug here. Maybe he was happy to see me stationary in my beach chair?

Of course no trip to the North Shore is complete without a stop for shave ice! We tried San Lorenzo’s today. Why? Because we’ve tried the other two, nearly next door, one of which was closed and the other had a line at least twenty five deep! We’re much too impatient to wait when we can get shave ice – NOW!


shave ice fam

Again, a great stop for shave ice. Brendon promptly dumped the ice part of his, seconds after I set it on his lap. The girl graciously remade it without charge. They do give a 15% military discount too!

shave ice boysshave ice b

**Just FYI – I haven’t downloaded a spell check plugin for my blog.**

Big boy beds = end of the crib era

Big Boy BedsI’ve so looked forward to this day!

The day we would take down the crib and have two matching big boy beds; complete with quilts made just for this occasion. Ahhhh.

Now that it’s happened, it’s very bittersweet. The end of the crib era in our house. Hope our little koala bear enjoys his new bed tonight!