Behavior Bucks

A couple months ago, a toy catalog came in the mail. I get many, many catalogs, so the fact that a random one made it here, is not surprising. The fact that my boys love to look at catalogs is also not surprising, given they see me doing it all the time. They’ve never really mentioned wanting anything out of them before. Usually they just look at them, eventually tear them apart and that’s that.

Robot chart

Brendon has been talking about robots for some time now and when he came across a robot in the toy catalog, he started asking if I could buy it for him. Around this time, he was being a real brat. Smart mouth, bad behavior, hitting his brother, etc., you know how kids can be.

My clever hubby came up with Brendon earning the money to buy the robot and termed them Behavior Bucks. The chart went up and three days later with no bucks earned, we were off to a very rocky start. Somewhere around 10 days, Brendon clued in, or his behavior cycled, and he started earning his bucks. You might remember him offering to clean his room and my house on Facebook? That was around the 25 dollar mark. He was getting the picture.

Robot 1There were several days here and there when he didn’t earn a single buck, but when he got to the last five dollars, he was determined! “And when I get my last dollar, that will be Awesome!” He even offered to share it with John, after ten minutes of playing with it himself.

 Robot 2

This week Brendon finally earned all 40 of his Behavior Bucks. Hopefully, this will have a lasting impact on his behavior!


Krispie Monsters

One of my guilty pleasures is Rice Krispie Treats; right there behind the Double Stuf! I’ve never thought the day would come when I’d meet someone who didn’t like these, much less it would be my boys! They have such strange food aversions and preferences. Marshmallow Krispie creations are too texturally challenging for them I guess. Probably a recessive gene from deep within the pool.

When I was looking for a creative treat for our Teddy Bear Tea Party last month, I found this little gem: Spider Krispies! Not only where these super cute. The blog description of their creation was fantastic. Clearly, they had to wait until October. All set to make these little guys yesterday morning, until the installation of the many spider legs…um ya, that is too time consuming for me. I’m about the finished product! So I made my own creation: Krispie Monsters!Monster Krispies

Really, isn’t that what Pinterest and reading blogs is all about anyhow? Getting an idea and then making it your own. I like to think so. Regardless, my boys still did not like the treats (notice their faces). They ate the pretzel sticks and marshmallow eyes, but that’s about it.

Krispie 2 Krispie 3

And here are the Teddy Bear Sandwiches I made for the above mentioned Teddy Bear Tea and their inspiration:

Teddy Sammies