Urban Garden Center

A couple weeks ago, we visited the Urban Garden Center with our Preschool co-op. I’d heard about this place from a few mommy friends and missed the field trip with our MOMS group during the Summer. It was a must do! Even if it meant missing my much needed run with the Stroller Warriors.


Farmer John is wearing overalls because he keeps taking off his pants and diaper in public.

Oh wait, I didn’t mention the best part – It’s FREE! I know there are lots of free playgrounds, parks and beaches, but it’s always great to find a place that is educational, totally new experience for the boys and free. I would advise bringing and applying a liberal amount of bug spray. I had some on and still managed to get bit.

Rainbow entrance

Rainbow entrance


Excellent boardwalk – chicken wire over wood

Upon arrival, you get a map of the gardens and a scavenger hunt list. Brendon really enjoyed looking for all the items on the scavenger hunt list and has mentioned several times since that we need to revisit the gardens to find the three remaining items on our list. He’s a bit competitive.


I won’t say it helped in the nap department for Brendon, but John, who’s been trying to give up napping for the past month, definitely had enough time in the sun to forget the fight and take one.


Lunch in the gazebo.


Honolulu Zoo

My boys love the zoo. Up until yesterday, I didn’t realize how much. They’ve enjoyed seeing the animals, making animal noises, ask to visit the zoo, and generally get excited when they know we’re headed there. I had my suspicions they were most looking forward to the lunchables “packed full of fun” I usually get them for this outing, but no, they really like the zoo.

zoo tunnel

We met up with some mommy friends from MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers – something to be part of if you are in this stage of life. Nobody, not even hubby, can relate as well as these ladies). But, before that, let me say, I told the boys to get dressed for the zoo and this is how they came out:

dressed zoo

Not sure if John is getting ready for Boo in the Zoo early, but he seriously thought he was going to wear this. Brendon, while looking completely normal, if not more polished than usual, is dressed as a unicorn. No idea.

On the way to the zoo, Brendon was negotiating with me about visiting the Keiki Zoo FIRST and then seeing the rest of the zoo. Clearly, this boy had his mind set on petting those goats.

This did not happen. We met our friends, made it inside the gate, potty break for all the trainees and slowly migrated to the monkeys. After a couple stops and lots of snacks on the go, Brendon started to get antsy. Unfortunately for him, he is one of the “older” children in the group because he doesn’t go to preschool and he gets bored waiting for the little ones. Anyhow, he ventured down the path and I wasn’t paying too much attention, until he started screaming. What had he done? He grabbed a cactus. Yes, the ones with the tiny, tiny spines. It was a life lesson for sure.

zoo 2

After much screaming and a firm talk from mom, he was able to calm down enough to stay at the zoo. It was touch and go for at least five full minutes. The boys had a blast the rest of the day. We did the Keiki Zoo near the end and after the playground, in logical zoo order. John mustered the courage to touch a goat’s tail and even started chasing one down the path. The point at which the goat turned and ran towards us, nibbling my shorts upon arrival, had John screaming “uppa”. Brendon loves these goats. He offered his shorts for nibbling and nearly let the goat out with us on our hasty exit.

zoo petting

I did an experiment for the day – no stroller! I think the other moms thought I must be nuts, but it worked out very well. There were a few times I questioned my own judgment! Turns out the part I missed the most of the stroller was using it to push around our lunch and my purse. I can’t say letting them walk the entire zoo produced naps, but they were sufficiently worn out to entertain themselves the rest of the day. A mother’s dream! Happy Wednesday to me!!

zoo 1