A new tradition

Having children changes your life in so many ways, it’s hard to remember what life without them was truly like. Vance and I often joke about the trivial things we used to take so seriously, now put into perspective with the two little beings we are blessed to raise. The differences more pronounced around holidays; especially Christmas. I’m striving to make more traditions and experiences than just “stuff” to unwrap.

Enter the Advent Calendar! I’ve seen Advent Calendars in years past, but somehow associated them with the Catholic religion, of which we are not. This year I came across one, in my searches for a quilted version to make as a wall hanging, about twenty-four days of doing things as a family to celebrate the real reason for the season.Numbers

After a bit more searching, a month of prep (finding items on and off the island can be quite a process), and carving out bits of free time, I finally completed my first Advent Calendar. BEFORE December 1st!! It’s a felt version, based on this one, and not entirely the traditional green and red Christmas colors.

I had started collecting small toys for the boys to alternate with the “good things” we’d be doing, but have since decided to just stick with the paper coins. I’ll probably add a string to each one, so we can hang them as ornaments on our tree as the days tick off. We’re doing a kiddie tree again this year – John is two and everything is his plaything.Coins

Finished Calendar

Indian Corn?

I found a painting craft using bubble wrap to make corn. What a great idea! The only bubble wrap I had was attached to the inside of a mailing envelope, so we improvised by painting that and cutting it to resemble corn. Painted some stalks, taped it together and had ourselves some corn. By the way, the really smooth corn is actually my doing. John did not want to paint bubble wrap – I really like how Brendon’s turned out. Kids are the best crafters!



So this got me thinking, do they call the multi-colored corn Indian Corn anymore? Can’t imagine they do. What is it called now? Multi-colored corn? I really was stumped. It reminded me of when we recently saw the dinosaurs at the museum and I read there isn’t a dinosaur named Brontosaurus anymore. When did this happen? Next there’s no planet named Pluto!



I’m going to have to relearn some things before spouting them as facts to the boys. I wouldn’t want them to be spreading my un-politically correct comments and antiquated facts to the masses at school!  I guess it’s true, there is a “back in my day” for me and I’m starting to realize it. Such as reading a blog last night about how to cover a book with wrapping paper where the blogger stated she had never wrapped a book in a paper grocery bag, with the sort of air as it was prehistoric. I did that. Yes, I did. Back before they had plastic bags and before you had to buy your own school supplies.



On the eve of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so many things, but most of all, getting older and being around to see all the wonderful changes in my lifetime. Not without challenges of course, but really the gift of life is so precious and I often forget it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


**Brendon – “But why is there a Turkey on this picture?”  “What? People EAT animals? Ones that are supposed to be living free and in the wild?” Thank you Wild Kratts. Thankfully, we are having Enchiladas for Thanksgiving! **