Makapu’u – second attempt


When we first moved here, we read about this EASY paved hike to see the lighthouse at Makapu’u. Our jogging stroller had not made it to the island and it was lightly raining when we arrived at the parking lot, but we still trudged on, with mommy wearing John in the ergo. We made it about halfway up (to the whale viewing spot). John was screaming, wanting both out of the ergo and out of the wind and rain. It was miserable. I ended up running the entire way back downhill. John screamed the whole way down. The looks people gave ranged from sympathy to complete disgust. “But I’m so nice!!!”

shore 2

hiker2A couple days later I bought a used stroller from a lady I’ve since grown to really like. She’s moving off island tomorrow. Booo!!! Anyhow, after 10 months, we decided to give it another try. Brendon has been asking to go on a hike recently and quickly packed a backpack with coloring books, markers, a few toys and water, “you know, in case I get thirsty”.


I was so impressed with both boys. They walked 80% of the way uphill. The weather was perfect, which definitely helped. We did bring the double BOB for the inevitable and bribed John with a lollipop to ride in the buggy on the way down. It was an easy sell.

Bobncycle 2

As per usual, there are tourists, local fitness enthusiasts, and even a cyclist wearing a Santa hat over his helmet doing loops up and down the path, accompanied by Christmas music. He was on his fourth “lap” as we left. We hiked with a group of older folks, since they indulged Brendon’s talking ways. “Can I tell you somethin’?” is his catch phrase of 2014.

with dad2Starting J

Now we see, if you are prepared, it is EASY! Isn’t that usually the case? There are many off road hiking paths originating from the paved one. Something to try next time, when we don’t have the minis.

before n after

March 2013 ——————-December 2013


The sugar delights of Christmas

Something happened this year. We (okay me) decided it would be a good idea to do an insane amount of baking, try new recipes, with varying degrees of success, and also complete a few sugar laden holiday activities. Where did this notion of baking through the holiday season originate?

I won’t cover all the baking, beyond a list. There was too much, really. Ding dong cake, sugar cookies, Nutella pie, homemade pretzels (twice), fruit cake bars, pumpkin crunch, pumpkin butterscotch cookies and chocolate pie. The chocolate pie I have made a handful of times over our years of marriage; this time, it amazingly turned out perfect!

Gingerbread Cookies and Christmas Trees.

We decorated gingerbread cookies (a friend of mine baked them, thank you Tiffany!) and made frosted ice cream cone trees with our MOMs group. Brendon had a great time decorating his gingerbread, but didn’t really eat much of it or the candy. He was more interested in the candy cane kisses lurking in the corner. John stayed home with dad.

GB2 Completely covered

The simplicity of the cone trees fit the ages of my boys perfectly. Brendon loved decorating his tree. True to his nature, covering every inch with frosting and candy, before eating it without using his hands. Probably training for a pie eating contest in his future.

bikes Tree with star

Now John. He did not enjoy frosting his cone or putting much candy on the tree. He didn’t eat the tree in the end either. What did he do? Ate at least a cup of skittles. Every time I looked at him, he had a mouthful of skittles. (See photos below) And this is why our perfect morning at the park ended with John refusing to go in his carseat. Not the silent refusal you’re hoping for in public. No, the screaming at the top of the lungs, arching back, kicking feet, refusal. It’s a moment every parent dreads. Five minutes later, he was asleep.

photo 3Mouth full of skittles

Gingerbread Houses.

We’ve been talking about doing these for weeks. Finally, took the plunge. I’ve been dreading making them following the experience of the Trees. Knowing full well John would eat more skittles than made it on his house. Oh yes he did. Although, this time, he enjoyed also eating the frosting directly from the can.

John making house

Brendon thoroughly enjoyed constructing his house. Maybe he will be an architect afterall? He very methodically iced his siding pieces and wanted the entire house covered in frosting before placing the candy ever so carefully all over. More of a stucco inspired gingerbread house.

Brendon making houseFinished houses

I took a tip from fellow moms and did a carton underneath for the structure of the house. It worked okay and made a nice easy base to adhere the graham crackers. I personally found it frustrating that it didn’t all line up correctly. Occupational hazard most likely. IF we make gingerbread houses again next year, we’ll do them free form, without the carton base.

John and his houseJohns house

And that’s the end of the sugar train!