Macadamia Nut Farm

I’ve been itching to visit this place since learning of its existence last October. Lucky for me, our MOPS group decided to do an outing there today, with the added bonus of scheduling an early group tour!! If you’ve ever been around a mob of preschoolers who are up past nap time, you will know how wonderful this is. 


The tour bus.

Tour guide

The tour guide. Those aren’t pants he’s wearing – they’re tattoos. Brendon was sure to extract as much information from the guide as possible.

So, was it worth it? You bet!! Definitely taking our next guests here. (Sis, I hope you’re reading this) For $15 (military/local) per adult, we rode on a rickety bus, which may or may not have been used in the filming of Jurassic Park, had a native plant tour, watched them peel and crack a coconut (tasted it too), witnessed a fire dance, learned some native words, received handmade headbands for the kiddos, took a guided boat ride, and ended with a walking tour of trees, complete with picking and eating starfruit.

fire dancer

Photo by Payge. I was too busy holding John, so he wouldn’t run to the front.

Did the kids melt down? Of course they did. John was covered head to toe in mud before we even started the bus tour portion. Oh, I forgot to mention you can crack your own freshly fallen macadamia nuts while you wait for the bus. One silly tourist tried to talk the boys into catching a rooster, saying how hard it was to catch a chicken. Seriously? He knew not of my chicken wrangling roots.

Island Besties

Payge and Sandra! Kinzie and Jestin are there…tucked behind the seats…

It was a great morning. Made even better by the accompaniment of a couple Island Besties!


Thank you Sabrina!


B is for…

I have been delinquent in posting any kiddo crafting adventures lately; I’ll blame it on my new Sewing Habit as Melissa so appropriately coined it.

B cookie

Yesterday we had our Preschool Co-op over for learning about the letter B. We did a box of all things B, lots of blue,  the book: “B is for Books” with Elmo, a butterfly craft and of course some B themed snacks.

These cookies were delicious, so said a four year old and me! The recipe is from Courtney; see she really is my go to mom for “good things”. If I remember right, it’s actually her mother in law’s recipe. Pending a green light, I’ll share it on the blog in the near future. You never know when you’re going to need a good cookie recipe!

Butterfly craft

John couldn’t focus on coloring with friends over!

Last week, we also attempted Bowling! They made it half a game, the rest of the time was me chasing them from the arcade. They’re just not ready. I tossed it on here for sake of the “B”.


This is one of Brendon’s good friends, Miranda.

And just to round out this post and make it nice and lengthy, I’ll add a photo of Brendon and his latest science experiment kit. This kid is such a mini me!! I know, I say it all the time, but it’s true.