Snorkel Betty

Beach runin

In our search for a great snorkel experience for Celestina, we happened upon a very local beach on the North Shore. The beach shares a parking lot with Turtle Bay and even though the lot was crammed full, the beach was only sparsely populated.

Mother Son Snorkel

Mother and son snorkel

The surf was a bit rough, given it is Winter, but we had a wonderful day snorkeling, boogie boarding, the boys tide pooling and collecting sea glass. We were even joined (Quentin and Kiana, specifically) by a seal at one point.

Seal visit

The highlight of Kiana’s day

The beach texture is rough! and we did catch a guy stalking our unmanned bags, since we left them pretty high on the beach, which reminded me to always beware of lurking opportunists.

Tide pooling

We’d love to go back to this beach in the Summer, when the water is calmer, but we’ll have to wait until the memory of the hour plus drive fades some. In hindsight, it looks as if we missed the actual Kuilima Cove, as seen in these photos.

B in the surf

For me the best part was the emergence of Snorkel Betty. That’s me! I’ve been tentative about snorkeling and the thought of diving has not been appealing. Turns out it was my leaky, thirteen year old mask that was at fault. Thanks to Cel for the discovery and prompting the hasty purchase of a new mask.

Snacky John

Surfing White Plains

Off to the water

Off to the water.  I’m far left in the red and would not advise wearing low rise bikini bottoms.

After being on island for a year and nearly thirteen years after our last surfing experience, we FINALLY went surfing yesterday. And it’s true, it’s just like riding a bike. Vance and I were up our first wave; Vance even surfed solo for half the lesson and some time afterward. 

Sand Surfing

A little sand surfing lesson.

I did make it in several times, but after brewing a nice headache and some tired shoulders, decided to call it a day. Quentin and Kiana (our visiting nephew and niece) took the lesson with us. Quentin made it to his knees and Kiana “Girl Power” made it 90% up.

Toni up

I’m up!

I didn’t remember surfing being an overly fun experience in Maui those many years ago, but revised my opinion today and dare I say, we’ve been bitten by the surfing bug.

Vance Up

Vance may or may not be giving a shaka.

We’d been hesitant to take the kids to this beach prior to lessons, hearing it was not kid friendly. Brendon took himself boogie boarding while we were surfing and they loved being there. John had as much fun playing in the foot shower as the beach.

Happy boys

Happy boys

Move over Ko Olina, this is our new favorite beach!


Surfing is a tiresome business.