Living Art Marine Center

Do you know what a geode is? For any who may not, it’s a rock that looks plain on the outside, but inside it is a jewel. My grandfather gave me one as a child. I wish I still had it.


Tuesday morning we visited a geode with our Moms Club friends. It’s in a very industrial part of Oahu. Near the airport, where they store the trollies, make tortillas and even the wherehouse for the Royal Hawaiian movers. It is hard to spot and I actually missed it on the first pass, even with garmin giving directions.

on our way

And we’re off…. Ironman in tow.

Our group had a guided tour, complete with learning about sea stars, handling live animals, browsing fish tanks and ending with a printing craft.  Well worth the the $5.75/person price.

Strawberry crabs2

These are the strawberry crabs, which had little bumps like strawberries.

The first part was hard for the kiddos. They were anxious to get their hands on some fish! And soon enough, they were handling crabs petting live sea stars. I loved seeing the exotic species: Chocolate Chip Sea Star, Strawberry Crabs, and the Teddy Bear Crab.

Strawberry crab

Brendon enjoyed holding the crabs and we did coax John into at least touching them. Towards the end, and while I was busy taking photos, John picked up the sea star. Not allowed!

Tanks LAM

This was our guide. Such a nice guy. He never tired (visibly anyway) of Brendon’s endless questions.

The fish tanks were most enjoyable for the moms and gave me some insight into what I’m seeing when snorkeling. The kids were busy running from one to the next, desperately trying to follow the no touching rules.

Artwork LAM

One proud artist!

At the end, we did a printing craft using both real and crafted fish, crabs and seahorses. Surprisingly nobody got too dirty even with using paint. John refused to do anything except be held at this point. He said “done” and “home” every 30 seconds. It was tiring.

Lunch LAM

John did perk up during lunch. This photo was taken before one of the little girls sat within inches of Brendon and kissed him asking “Haven’t you ever had a girlfriend before?” Oh my. It starts so young!!

After LAM

A sure sign of a good field trip.


Enjoying being wordy

When we moved to North Carolina in 2010, I had this idea of putting a quote above our bed. I can’t recall where the idea came from, but the phrase, “All you need is Love” is from the Beatles and the vinyl was a custom print from Etsy. 

All you need

That was that. Fast forward to Hawaii, three years later. My friend Sara is now an Uppercase Living demonstrator, something I hadn’t heard of before January, by way of  Sara and you know what’s happening? It’s getting wordy over here on Parks Road!

Behold my two latest crafty creations:

Family Board

It’s a great visual reminder. As I finished this, I realized we missed a certain March birthday again this year. Sorry Landon!

Embrace vinyl

Would’ve looked a bit better without the turquoise stripes, but I put those on before the green. Oh well.

The one that started it all:

Flush Wash Brush

This was my first vinyl craft for the boys’ bathroom.

and there are many more in the works…