Dive Happy

Combined pre dive

Pre-dive; waiting at the dock.
I was the only one in a sensible suit. (Including the Japanese male tourists on our boat.)

For Vance’s birthday, we finally took the Discover Scuba I’d been putting off since Christmas. Although, I’m pretty comfortable snorkeling now, the thought of being submerged 30 feet under brought panic and terror. Turns out, as the instructor pointed out, it was all in my head.

The drop

We’re on the far right. See how I’m clinging to the rope?


Vance on the right, one of the instructors in yellow, and me still clinging to the rope.

We used Island Divers in Hawaii Kai, since my sis Elise and Carl had a great first time dive experience with them back in November. They were super friendly, amazingly patient and didn’t take “I don’t think I can do this” for an answer.

Us swimming

Vance is lower left and I’m in the middle.


I tried to back out after I was seated on the swim step, but they strapped on my vest, tossed me in, had me do my scuba skills test and didn’t give the option of getting back in the boat. Thank goodness!

Us at Budda

Us at the underwater budda.

We completed two dives, one 20 minutes and one 40 minutes. Granted I was stuck to the instructor like glue “Don’t Die…Don’t Die. There’s a fish, a rock, I don’t care…Don’t Die. Let’s Swim and breathe and live…” It was a wonderful experience and if Vance had a bucket list, this would’ve been at the top. Something he’s talked about doing for MANY years!

V swim

Me swim

Not sure Vance will go on to be certified, since we won’t always live in idilic Hawaii, but he’d definitely do these introductory dives again. If anyone, (cough, cough) future guests or Quinn, is interested in a dive buddy.

One dive down

One dive completed. Doesn’t he look happy?

And a huge mahalo to Papa and Noni, who not only watched our boys and fixed things around the house, but cleaned our house while we were diving. We are so blessed!

SL cake

Strawberry Lemonade Birthday Cake. Thanks to Jeni for the use of her pan for the fourth layer.