Easter Boxes

Given the aisles of pre filled and cellophane covered baskets at the stores lately, I’m guessing giving Easter baskets is pretty common. I started the tradition with our boys when Brendon was two,  despite resistance from hubby. Stating it was for girls, since he didn’t remember receiving them as a child. I’m not sure how accurate his memory is and you know me, I went ahead and did what I wanted! 

Historic Easter

Looks like I really enjoyed getting Easter baskets.

Each year, I try and pick a basket that will be useful for the rest of the year. Translation: sand pail. So, this year, I decided to make tool boxes. These will function as Easter baskets, toy carriers and also craft boxes I can load with supplies enabling them to create their own crafty fun. Might not be exhilarating, but Brendon will probably still like it.

Wood boxes

Vance was wary of helping me. I can’t help my perfectionist ways, despite my best efforts!

I’ve taken a diet from Pinterest recently. I’d love to say it was for a great spiritual reason like Lent, but since I don’t celebrate Lent, I guess I’ll confess. I gave it up because I was pinning so many good ideas, yet in reality, doing almost none of the projects. Seemed like a lot of wasted time. I still love going on there, I’m just being more aware of how much time I’m spending and TRYING to stay focused.

Front and star

So instead of Pinteresting my heart away. I searched for mini tool box kits on Amazon. Put those together. Painted them the delightful shade of Ladybug and got my wordy fix via Uppercase Living by wrapping one of their stock sayings around the boxes.

Close up back

Each is marked with a different color star to minimize confusion. I realize now, I should’ve gotten a second star for the inside tray. Oh well. Might have to do that later.


I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Lagoon Love

The Lagoon

The lagoon. It was a little dreary at times today.

Within a month of being on the island, maybe a matter of a week or two, we discovered the lagoons in Ko’olina. They are so perfect for the age of our little ones. We fantasized about living there in the gated community and even looked at a few different condos. At this point, we were still set on getting a fenced yard and the not so stellar school reviews had me leaning toward post housing. This is where we currently reside.

Crab Hunter Boys

The tide pools.

Many of the beach photos I post on Facebook are from Ko’olina. This is also where our family photos were taken last Fall. There are four man made lagoons, starting with number one right outside Aulani, the Disney Resort.

Kate hat2

The debut of my Kate hat.

It’s hard to remember the different features of lagoons two and three. Two has some permanent umbrellas and I think all of them or at least most have a chapel. There are weddings a plenty here. Lagoon four is the biggest, with the most parking and calmest water.


Tide pooling.

Parking: the biggest downside to the lagoons and the island in general, parking! It is scarce or it costs. That’s just how it is. If you arrive early, you can snag a free spot, but they go very quickly. Especially on sunny days.

J crabbing

The one lagoon not mentioned above is our new favorite. Dare I mention where it is? It is the only natural lagoon in the series and I’m unsure of its name. Maybe it’s called Paradise Cove Lagoon or Secret Beach (this is what our photographer called it). This is a real gem.

B crabbing

There are tide pools with hermit crabs, it is protected from the big waves and very shallow in parts, lots of beautiful fish to see and, ready for this? A giant turtle was there this morning. He scared me when he decided to swim up on me while I was snorkeling. He also said hello to Brendon when he was out riding on Vance’s back.

J glasses

Parking is even more scarce at this lagoon and a bit more annoying, since it is pretty far away from any other parking lots, but so worth the frustration if you get a spot. I think the parking keeps the crowd to a minimum; I need to test that theory.