The love of coffee

Cup with chocolateI thought I loved coffee. Turns out it was creamer I really loved. I like coffee sure, but not nearly as much as I enjoy a cup of heavily creamed and sweetened coffee. In an effort to find out what is causing my skin so much trouble, I stopped using creamer. I’ve always thought it can’t be good for me, synthetic as it is, but hey, it tasted great. It was shocking to see how quickly my skin cleared after removing it from my diet.

V italy coffee

Italy. May 2005.

Now what to do about my pot a day coffee consumption? I tried giving up coffee once before. Cold turkey, in the middle of grad school where I was pulling very long hours and it just didn’t stick. No amount of water could ease the loss and I caved. Then again, it was still deliciously creamed and sweetened.


Chocolate covered espresso beans would be a suitable alternative.

This time, I’m taking a new approach. I’m not cutting it out all together, just cutting down on the amount. Drinking it black has helped. I now drink an espresso cup per day with a square of this delicious dark chocolate breakfast bar. When my afternoon low sets in, I’m drinking lemon water. So far it’s working. Let’s see how I do when we visit the Big Island…

Shiny new Widget

My lovely and talented Sis in Law, Christie, started a new blog and wouldn’t you know it, she has a subscriber button that works! It inspired me to find a new subscriber widget for my blog.

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